Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fountain of youths

This fountain at the end of the Curve shopping mall, between the Curve and the Cathay Cineplex has been open for ages, all of a sudden it was bordered up with flower pots.
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I used to see little kids playing at the fountain, babies lah, seeing the water shoot out suddenly excites them enough and the go screaming and running back to their parents, Nice to see and brings a smile to my face. So when i saw the fountain close up, no more playing, I was thinking "why close it up? too dirty is it?"
Then I remembered my brother telling us elder siblings about one of his escapades. He had a drink at a bar nearby and was feeling all pukey. So where's the best place to toss up? At the fountain la! Bugger went and puked at the fountain...imagine his puke being recylcled and the shot up into the air again...yucks...
So it wasn't to prevent kids getting dirty, it was to prevent a big kid from dirtying it...stupid fella...

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I did a good deed! yay!

Last Friday 6/10/2006, i saw a message on ZTH forum asking members to donate whatever computer parts we have available and not using anymore to an orphanage/home for under previledged children. So i messaged the poster and told him I had an old comp sitting around, and was willing to donate it. "Cool!" he replied.
I got to cleaing up the comp, formating the old hard disk...too many girly pics in there, can't have the kids going through my contents ler. Wana teach them nice thing end up teaching them unwanted things.
At night, we finally met up. Jermaine had a spiffy looking car, Kenari nicely modded. He was so grateful on getting the comp from me he was almost bursting. Jermaine would be helping out the orphanage for about a year, so he'll be sprucing up the place, teaching the kids about computers i guess.
Kudos to him and being so involved in what he is doing.
Coffee tables, carpets, comps, books, and whatever things usable to the kids growing up there are appreciated.
The orphanage/house for underprivilaged kids is in Klang, Jln Kapar area. I haven't been there before but Jermaine says its in a slum area.
I'm in KL, so if anyone would like to donate, give me a message ya?

Friday, October 06, 2006


The other day i was driving around Tmn Bahagia LRT station looking for a parking spot to wait for my gf when i came upon this nicely done up car, didn't recognize it at first but when i got closer i saw that it was an old Nissan Fairlady.
I checked the rear view mirror to see that no one was behind me, stopped in the middle of the road, took out my K750i and focused and took a pic.
Here it is
Image Hosted by

Then i drove by it to take a better look and realise the driver was inside on the phone and he saw me taking a pic of his car! MALUNYA......
I gave a sheepish smile and waved, and he smiled n waved back. and continued talking on the phone. malu malu...shy shy...

Whoever you are, thats a nice car you have.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Engineered fart

For this week and the following weeks, the floor of the lab building will be drilled with a jackhammer, pounded with a sledgehammer, removed and then repaved.
When the work is carried out, i can feel the wall shake, and the earth move beneath my feet
(que music?!)
When I got to the labs yesterday, i noticed the doors of the bio lab across from my chem lab were open, all the doors were open. As i got closer, i noticed this funny smell, someting like fart or shit,
or rubbish.
Found out some genius in Biotech placed two bottles beside each other, one containing Butanol (an alcohol) and the other have Hydrogen Peroxide(H2O2), a really strong oxidizing agent, used
in bleaches. Somehow, the vapour of these two chemicals were released, and they met, chatted, held hands, kissed, did the hokey pokey and turned themselves around and !!~@#$%^&*. They dissapeared and left no mark, but they left this smell that was abit like fart, but stronger. For the whole night this smell was trapped in the bio lab, waiting for the lab assistant to discover it the next morning.
Really wonder what was the lab assitants' reaction when opening the door. WoooHooo....
Anyone wanna try mixing alcohol with bleach? just get some thinner, or turpentine or something and mix it with hair bleach, or floor cleaner or anything with hydrogen peroxide in it.
I will not be responsible for the results, but do tell me if you try.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Pahroud to be Malaysian?

Wahsai, I got this link from KennySia's blog which i got from Dawn's blog whic says i am
38% Meraysian....yay! not too bad huh?

Congratulations alexis, you are 38% not Malaysian.

That means you're as Malaysian as...

Michelle Yeoh!

How Un-Malaysian Are You?

very quiet celebrations again, last minute only i heard the advertisements for Merdeka, fly the flag la, be proud la, but 4-5 days before it happens only they step up the promotion.
I actually tuned in to watch the celebration in Kuching. Sucked big time lah, even the performers didn't know the words to the sonds they kept playing along, waving their flags too. Their 15 minutes of fame use to show their moves moving like fish trying to breathe not going along to the lyrics. Tiuniamahai, want to be on TV also better abit la. Lip synch also pro abit la.
Merdeka is so dead nowadays. Wonder whats happening?
Then some stupid monkey says Mat Rempits are Putera UMNO's asset, sei sor hai, might as well fish for votes from the prisoners in Sg Buloh prison la. Telling this to about 2000 Mat Rempits during Merdeka, you gonna encourage them to race and endanger other peoples lives. Wave the national flag around and that stupid monkey says you're an asset. Tiuz, ask those criminal stuck in jail to wave the flag, see stupid monkey say the same thing or not.
If people like him are going to lead the country, we are going to be fucked la, can start writing laws to legalize butt fucking like Mat Rempits love. Since they are going to be the majority voters for Si stupid monkey, might as well make laws in their favour right?
Hailat lor......

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Got my new comp on Sunday 27/8/2006! YAY!
Its an AMD 64 x2 dual core 2GHZ processor, ASUS M2N-E motherboard, 80GB Seagate HDD (seldom dl things anyway), 2x 512MB Kingston Ram, HIS IceQ3 ATI RADOEN X1800GTO graphics card, an iCute casing with built in power supple (wanted it for the fans).
still had to plug in my old IDE HDD and also the old CD reader/writer
new HDD is SATA, and had some problems doing it. New HDD keeps getting viewed as an external removable drive. Still figuring how to stop the comp from doing that. Up and running on the internet, hence the blogging/crapping.
Will have to try to study for next weeks exams. Have to reduce my computer addiction.

INXS concert/fake accents....2 weeks late gf got free tickets to watch INXS perform live in KL, we obtained "The Pitt" tickets. The only thing i knew then was that the singer was some guy that won a contest, so not exactly a fan lah! But the tickets were free, and we had a chance to meet them, have a cocktail dinner and enjoy the performance, so what the heck, go lah! Its an experience not to be missed right?
I had a long day in uni before I could go. Ended my project on a bad note, something irregular, experiment failed. Left uni at 5++pm, we were supposed to be at the Stadium Negara by 5.30pm, jammed from Jln Kuching to Dayabumi, arrived around 5.45pm. Was searching high and low for a parking lot, no signs to say where to park at all. Finally found some place to parked and happily got conned for a RM10 parking fee, while some earlier one i saw was RM6 (but that place was boarded up and looked damn dodgy). We parked behind the stadium, had to walk downhill to the front to the entrance. We signed in as special guests and were ushered in to the stadium, while the people with normal tickets were waiting outside.
We were told to sit in some section for awhile, while the band was practicing and adjusting the equipment. I was impressed by JD's voice, live sounds as good as on his video of "Pretty Vegas"
Soon we were usherd into "The Pit" area, thats right infront of the stage. walking in front of us were this bunch of girls giggling and speaking in high pitch, fast forward, and very very dodgy accents...that was irritating. Being excited is ok, but throwing the accents was funny. One of the girls shouted something at Kirk Pengilly, and he shouted back "Hi Leng Lui!". quick to pick up a phrase in our language eh?
We stood there for awhile, expecting to meet the stars soon. Then the manager came out and called us to come near, he told us about the do's and don'ts (No personal pictures to be taken, no kissing and hugging,etc) He also said we will be able to have a group photo with INXS at the end to the meeting session. That sounded really cool.
Soon they came down 1 by 1, and we actually stood in a row to greet them and get their signatures. Out of nowhere this chinese lady in blue came n grabbed one of the band members and started taking pictures, thats when everyone took out their own cameras and started posing the the INXS members. JD Fortune was the last to come out, and he was mobbed by the girls with fake accents, I decided to continue collecting the signatures of the rest of the band before going on to JD with my gf. When I reached JD, the girls were still mugging him, it was too dark to see whether he was being groped (LOL), just as I lifted up my poster for him to sign, the manager tugged JD's arm to tell him fan session was over, AND THIS WAS LESS THEN 5 MINUTES, give or take 30 seconds per band member. Before i could think of asking JD for just another signature he was gone...I had 5 out of 6 signatures on my poster.Damn!
Soon the organizing staff told us we could go for cocktail dinner, and brought us out, dinner was outside. Leading the way to a...locked gate! talking into the walkie talkies, wasting about 10 minutes before deciding to use another gate to get the the cocktail dinner tents.
While on the way to the cocktail dinner, these girls were still chatting, not that chatting is a problem, the accents were getting really irritating. It sounded like it came out of "Totally Spies". Shite! did they learn their accents from that cartoon??
Then one of them said "NANTI NAK SEMBAYANG TAK?"
All that accent throwing and suddenly a phrase in the most basic bahasa/malay accent that you can get on the street/school/col/uni....I almost laughed my head off. If you want to carry an accent, carry it all the way lah!
Had a quick dinner at the tent and questioned the Celcom people about the organizing of the concert, whether INXS were really gonna come out and hav dinner with us or not, stuff like that, every reply was negative. Can't seem to get that final signature for me n my gf, damn!
We were ushered back into the stadium, while we were Q-ing up to get into the pit, the noisy accented girls were denied entry. One of them asked the guy manning the enrtance to the pit why not, and was told something, she then turned around, looked at me and said "He's not letting us in" YAY! Accent free concert! I showed my tickets to the guy and he let us in, I turned around to see if anyone else was coming in and caught the girls giving me this deadly "Stares of jealousy cos you can be infront of the stange and we can't" stare....6 of them...not scary! very funny! BUAHAHAHA!!
At that moment, there were only another couple besides us, I mentioned I was afraid there would be so few people in the pit, picture having less than 10 people watching the performance...weird lah! Got to know the couple, Shoban and Agnes, nice people really, and long time fans of INXS, since Micheal Hutchence's era.
Soon more people came in, the floddgates were opened. This skinny chinese girl stood beside me and started pushing to get closer to the middle of the stage. We waited really long for the concert to start. Some band nameb SingleTrackMind came at about 8pm to adjust their equipment, dissapeared and came back again at about 8.30pm. Their performance was bad, not a good live band at all. Kept on telling us this is from a yet unreleased album,a song dedicated to Pak Lah and DrM, cheeziness anyone? towards their last song their banner dropped of the stage, a bad sign for them i suppose, they didn't see it. They should have been called SingleTrackBand...
After the warm up band, the INXS crew came out to readjust all the settings and equipment, that took about 45 minutes, from 9pm to about 9.45pm, stading there was tiring, especially since we've been there since 7pm. The skinny girl beside me decided to lament on the long wait with an ACCENT! lucky me....being surrounded with accents... she said "OOah Mai gawd! whaats takiing so longg. Aii think ai'mm goin to faint" grrr...throw the accent away la...soon she got a phone call from probably her school friend and she was screeching excitedly into the phone " Wor zhai zhe li ah! wor zhai ze li ar!" which means "i'm here" and said something about being in the concert in madarin...another case of "can't pull the fake accent off-syndrom" behind me were a bunch of indian girls chatting with accents with a there no end? where am I? right! after the waiting and endless assault of fake accents on my poor ear, the lights went out, INXS walk onto stage in the darkness. I could see la, standing right in front of the stage after all. Again, I'm not a fan of INXS, so i didn't know what they were singing, but i was enjoying the performance. Shoban and Agnes were singing along to all the songs, cool!
A good band functions well with all the members, not just with a good vocalist. Each instrumentalist, the 3 brothers and Kirk were doing a good job, and JD was performing really well. Really good voice and a great entertainer.
After like an hour, they said their goodbyes and told us we were a good crowd and he loved us...guess he told that to every country lah! haha. It felt too short a concert for them to leave like that, and I figured that was probly a gimmick, or time to take a break. Soon the crowd was cheering for an encore, and true enough they came out again. This time louder than before. They were playing the old songs and of course the new, and of course "Pretty Vegas"
Sometime in the concert, JD walked off stage and in front of "The Pit", stretched out his hand to touch the crowd. Many people near the front lunged forward to have a chance at touching him, poor Agnes was crushed against the railing by some beefed up faggoty guy trying to touch JD's hand. Of all the hands, JD manages to avoid mine, maybe he saw that I was a guy and avoided it at the last minute...haha. No trouble for me when Jd came over, girls managed to avoid pressing against me. Rugi if rub their body on me huh?
Kirk Pengilly threw his guitar pick in my direction, me and this chinese girl were trying to grab it mid air, it fell out of somebody's hand, bounced on the floor, went through the rolled up poster of mine, and slid down into my bag. What luck!
Then the concert was over, while the crowd were dispersing, we decided not to get caught up in the human traffic and just sat down where we were standing. Waiting for the entrance to clear up.
All in all it was a great concert and really nice to have met Shoban and Agnes, real fans they are.
Photos will be uploaded once I get my photo-editing software back.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Bad week

The week began on a bad note, waking up late on a wet Monday morning, i knew the road to uni was going to be jammed. So i thought of using an alternate road. Which was quite a dumb idea as i'm unfamiliar with the road, I had to get to 3 traffic jams to get to uni that day. I was late for lab, but the lecturer was even later, so i could still go join the lab session. After the lab was over i decided to go for lunch with a classmate. One the way back i had to go through another 2 jams before making it to uni, and uni was just a few kms away.
Forgot what happened on tues and wed, but on thurs i got a call from my friend, asking me to go for a dinner on friday at a bistro. I informed my girlfriend about it and then we got into an argument/silent war about me not spending enough time with her. the argument lasted til 3-4am on a friday. I managed to get 4 hours sleep before classes. Got to uni with squinted eyes. had a silent lunch with my girlfriend and then i was to do my final year project.
It took me about 1 hour to prepare my sample. i forgot to bring my log book, which has all my calculations, apparatus and procedure listed down, so i had to sit there and think of what i needed. After preparing my sample and adjusting the pH, i started the computer to run my sample. thats when i lost my temper, I tried to start a certain program/the computer for about 30 minutes and nothing would happen. Windows would just start and hang. Nothing could be done, preparing the sample was a waste of time. I stormed to the staff room, searched for my project supervisor and coordinator to complain about the virus in the computer which hasn't been elminated yet, but they were not there. I walked out of the staff room seriously pissed, decided to walk down 3 level so i could kick the stairs door open...just to release a bit of anger.
I just don't seem to have the luck in my final year project. everytime i manage to secure a lab session, something crops up to stop me from doing it. The beginning of the sem was a good time to do lab, but my car was in an accident and i had to tend to it. Then this Short Fat Fuck (SFF) sharing the same equipment as me had the priorority to use the lab and managed to book weeks of lab sessions in advance, which leaves me and the others using the same equipment with next to no time to do project. When i managed to book it, the lab assistants were not around, i couldnt get in the lad the whole day, another time was when i got sick and wasn't feeling too well to sit in the lab the whole day. thats twice. I had only managed to book the lab 5 times. First was still testing, second was a failure because the equipment were changed and SFF knowing i was going to use it did not inform me, third was ok. The friday just past was supposed to be my 6 lab, which failed because the com was fucked, and our stupid uni is too poor to afford a proper anti-virus software.
really angry now with my project, nearing the end of this sem and lecturer saying 3 months holiday is not enough to complete it. Not being able to do it, on the only available days, the lab is overbooked by SFF...tell me who do i need to kill?

Friday, August 04, 2006


Heres some pics i took
This is my fav cendol, with pulut rice, drove all the way out too look for it one day
Image Hosted by

this is a squirrel jaw bone from lunch one day, squirrel stew or something, see the teeth?
Image Hosted by

and my exam paper...felt like what it says...
Image Hosted by

Thursday, August 03, 2006

In a Limbo

No, not the limbo rock dance... currently in a weird state. I'm tired, depressed, confused, exhausted, stressed and can't think of anymore. I would like to hae a few days all to myself, no need to drive, or talk to anyone at all. Basically I want to be a vegetable for a few days.
I just had my Food Chem exam today, it was horrible, trying to cheat is as good as not cheating, nothing good happens. In this case, no one had an answer... everyone came out of the exam venue feeling shitty, or thats what I observed. Maybe the class geniuses were satisfied. This is the depressed part. Not to forget, my knees are injured and I can't play sports regularly or normally anymore, I need sports to cheer up, but not getting any at the moment.
Makes me think maybe I AM in the wrong field. Maybe I should be studying something else. I am thinking of studying something else after i graduate, but whether my parents like it is another matter. This is the confused part.
Tired and exhausted, from driving, lack of sleep, not having a good nights rest at all for the past few months. By saying this i mean getting to sleep for at least 8 hours with out waking up at all due to noise form the kitchen/TV/brothers room/family chatting and stuff like that. I always get woken up before my time, and it sucks.
Lets see how long this phase stays, before I find some peace.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sharp shooter required!!

went to take a piss at the Cathay Cineplex at Damansara Perdana, walked into the cubicle and saw this sign...

Image Hosted by

show them how to shoot the fly/bull/ target properly
lets organize a sharpshooting class for the precision challenged people...

Drving therapy or exploring?

So friday classes ended at 11am, and the rest of the day was free. i decided to drive around after lunch and try to find a road i've been seeing from a highway. I managed to find the road i was looking for, apparently it was the old road to Bentong. winding kampung road, lots of trees, but the river along the road was tea colour, signs of development with out control. That sucked.
driving along the road, i saw a road sign saying "camp XXX", forgot what it was. I instincly swerved into the sliproad as camps meant more greens, and i like greens.
i only took 2 photos with my handphone. one of a bridge with a door...and a really tall tree. wouldn't want the tree to fall on me anytime...

Bridge over (not so) clear water
Image Hosted by

Tall old tree
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WORLD CUP 2006!!!

I guess many people have been betting, losing or winning
the big game just passed, Italy vs France. then all of you know the result, 1-1, italy win 5-3 on penalties blah blah
my lil idiot bro went on and had a bet? lose money? win money? nooooooo
bet on loser shaving his head, and my bro bet on France, sheer genius....
results as below....

Image Hosted by

feels like least he had the balls to carry his bet out...haha

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Snort Snort!

Dateline: 19th June 2006, Monday
It was a cold morning, and I had to wake up so early to leave for uni cos my car was still in the work shop. Thats beside the point. On the way to uni, I noticed the hills of Melawati were all shrouded in clouds, that was about 8am. Me being the nature/cloud/dreamer decided to go towards the hill after dropping my brother off at TAR college (no they don't teach you to make tar there, its the initials of our late prime ministers name)
Along the road outside the college, influece from the previous nights viewing of Victoria's Secret Showcase crept in. I started judging any girl I saw walking along the road as Pass! or Fail! On Saturday i watched The Fast and The Furious 3, Tokyo Drift, and boy oh boy! were there loads of scantily clad 'japanese girls' or what. Sunday was Vic's Secret night, Blood loss ensues. Me and my brother were drooling over the models walking down the catwalk, bouncing bouncy...its messy, but i just have to tell everything. I'd like to watch Victoria's Secret again please, pretty please.
After dropping of my easy to influence brother at college i headed off to the hills. I came to a spot and stopped there, it was the closest to the clouds, but it the end of the road. Beyond this was a trail leading up to some village. I stepped out of the car and saw an old lady slowly hobbling along. Ever curious me decided to ask granny whats over the hill. Suprisingly she answered (me total stranger) and told me there was a village over the hill, i asked more: could i go in, would the villagers mind a tresspasser, things like that. To which she replied: the villagers don't mind, its no problem for people to go in because people do go in for a jog up the trail.
The granny was going into the village to feed the villagers chickens with bread. Guess she does it very often. As i walked with her into the village chatting, one of the villagers known to her shouted out "We caught a boar! do you want to have it?"
Granny said no to his question. she didnt want the boar. But i was curious and wanted to see how big a boar could be, city boy me. So I asked another villager if it was ok for me to see it. The villager obligingly agreed and brought me up. These people are just so friendly. As we neared the boar, I could hear in grunting and snorting. It looked pretty fierce, trying to get itself loose of the trap it was bound to. I quickly took a few pics and thanked the villager for bringing me up there. The ropes the boar was bound to look about to break, and I wouldn't want to have any bite marks to show around.
Here's the wild boar. it was about 2 and a half to 3 feet long.
Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

The villagers did ask if i wanted to have the boar, eat la, its delicious with curry, but I declined. Maybe I'll take some if there is any the next time I visit them.
I left the place with granny and i guess it was rare for granny to chat, as she asked me to come look for her some other time. Either I'm a very talkative guy or...I'm so good looking, even old ladies are attracted to me! haha
Thats all i can think of for now, really sleepy and tired from walking up that steep hill to the village and staying up the whole day for classes and all.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Chocolates chocolates everywhere!!!!!

Today my parents just got home from Canada, and being in KLIA, duty free shopping, what else to do but shop right? So when I picked them up, I saw a nice white bag, what's on it? What brand of bag? here it is
Image Hosted by
I haven't seen a bag like this before, so its pretty impressive and also jaw dropping. Imagine how much chocolates my mum bought for us for them (salespersons) to give my mum a bag like that.
Mum bought 3 bags of chocolates, i couldn't fit all of it into the fridge. Well, forget groceries, we gonna live on chocolates this month!
Image Hosted by

more proof my mom loves us! there's more food around the house.
maybe she's trying to tell us we're underweight and need to put something on?

Choco party good good!!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Food chem

The other day we were supposed to test the acidity of drinks, which in this case was 7-Up and 100-plus.
Dr K: take 100 mL of the beverage and test it
me: ok (measure carefully 100 mL of drinks into beaker and take to test)
few minutes later,
Dr K: ok, so what did you find out?
me: 100-Plus isotonic drink is more acidic than 7-Up, but 7-up tastes better...
Dr K: Test the acidity then neutralise it!!!!! WTF you drink it for?!?!?!
me: Ooooh @_@ (goes to get more drinks)

Monday, May 15, 2006

Cheesy zinger n cheesy camera

Yummy, h0w many of you out there, Malaysia lah, has ever had a Cheesy Zinger?
Most of the time I go to KFC and order the Zinger and Cheesy Wedges set. A long time ago i ask the counter guy to squeeze cheese onto my Zinger burger, it tasted abso-fucking-lutely delicious. Maybe not to you but to me. The next day i went there again and asked for the same thing, but this time it was another counter guy, and he said he can't do that. So for 2 years i was buying the Zinger set and using the cheese from the Cheesy Wedges to smear my chicken patty, a bit tedious, not much taste, but when you taste the meat and the cheese, its worth that little hard work doing it.
Today, I went there for breakfast again, 4pm, (I'm a nightwalker explains everything?) and then i tried asking the counter girl if she could get someone to squeeze the cheese onto my burger. I had to wait for it, so when it came I was expecting to see a normal Zinger, plain n not cheesy larr
but then, surprise suprise, there was cheese in it! HOOORAAYYYY!!! that makes my day! not like there was much daytime to go anyway, but it made me happy. Good food always makes me a little less bitchier.
So here's a lil pic of me burger, realised I had to take a pic and show off after i took my first bite...could be a bit gross to some. buahaha i don't care!
Image Hosted by

And next is the Cheesy Camera my brother got his hands on.
Its not cheap, it looks nice, the screen is nice, sounds good, its small and it ends just about there.
It comes with an SD card slot, stuffed with some plastic that isn't an SD card slot.
Its relative size to my hand.
Image Hosted by

another view
Image Hosted by

top view
Image Hosted by

AV in n out holes
Image Hosted by

fake SD card and its slot, and the USB cable plug hole
Image Hosted by

It takes shitty pictures, can't take pics in a room, need really bright light to take a pic or a video. Makes funny noises when you choose options, you get to play TETRIS! and some other game but the controls shitty shitty shitty.
So what is it good for?? You could get a big SD card, save some videos and MP3's in, and you've got your own mobile entertainment. It's good for mobile entertainment, I'm not clear of the battery life. You get to watch a video when you're bored or like almost everyone nowdays, listen to MP3, but its bulky and about 5inch by 3 inch. So there's that.
My most suggested video to watch on that thing?
Image Hosted by
Guaranteed laughter until you've watched it for the 5000th time!

Friday, May 12, 2006

LongDay MonDay

Monday Monday, anyone ever had Monday blues? Guess everyone has had it sometime or the other. 4 days ago, I was due to start my final year project in Chemistry. Sounds exciting, but but but it wasn't as I expected, ended up taking so much of my time i was pratically falling asleep in the lab, it happens.
So my project is to sit in front and plot graphs of chemicals, that's a really really short story. i just realised today after calculating how many samples I have to make that it would mean sleeping in the lab, if that's ever possible. about 300 samples, 1 sample a day, means 300 days! I give my life and my blood to my uni, from now on I shall not have any social life what so ever. It sucks big time, preparing the chemicals is easy, so to speak, the lab doesn't have air conditioning (I'm pampered! give me my air-cond lab!). Preparing samples in the afternoon is a bitch, and wearing a thick lab coat doesn't help either. good thing is, I scan the samples in an air-conditioned room, but i have to sit there almost the whole day.
This is my toy,
Image Hosted by

and the little glass bottle is where my chemicals will go, and then all those electrode will send some current through and i get to see from the monitor what goes on. The little round thing at the bottom of the pic is a piece of titanium, chemicals will settle on titanium in the glass bottle.
Image Hosted by


I was in there the whole day waiting for time to pass, so I could take my gf out for nice lunch n shopping. Her B'day mah!!! but i was stuck in there for so long it took almost all our time away. I really really felt so guilty, I still feel bad that it had to happen that day. but in the end we went for dinner at a nice place near my house. I did not have any idea on where to eat, becoz I felt like I've eaten almost everything. She suggested Boat House, good idea, nice quiet place, weekday less people. We went there, had a nice dinner n drew one the tables. YES! you get to draw on the table. They put a large piece of paper on the table and a glass of crayons for you to draw and scribble while you wait for your food.
This is all I had to offer... Sor Por I really really love uuuu...hehe
Image Hosted by

After dinner we were there still chatting when i turned and saw someone in a panda suit standing near the entrance, that table was also singing a birthday song before that. same day as my gf i guess. Nice way of sharing a birthday with pals, get someone to dress up in a panda suit and wish you Happy B'day.

Ok off time now, better melt my brain before thinking of doing my project again... T_T

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Naturally natural nature, Taman Melawati

One day, I had a 3hour break from 10am -1pm, knowing myself, breakfast is a must in this situation. Sadly, no one wanted to have breakfast with me. Guess I look scary eh? I went off to Taman Melawati to have my meal and was done by about 11am. With nothing else to do, I decided to wander off to the hills of Melawati. Off to look for the Klang Gates Dam. Just a day before I found direction to the place, but I've been there before. And all I found was a little recreation park at the bottom of Syabas water works. I asked the guard at Syabas how to I get to view the lake or what route should I take to see the place. He told me there was a path bout 30 meters from the guard house and it takes about 5 minutes to reach the top. 5 minutes isn't a long time for me so off I went. At freaking 11.30am in the morning, that was close to noon already. Sun is up, burning my back as I make way to the top of the hill, following the clear path up and up, I arrived at one of the lower peaks. I could see the Klang Gates Dam, really a nice view, but it wasn't good enough for me so i climbed further up. The path was really steep, at some point almost a vertical drop of 15 meters. dropping down rocks and cliffs with out anyone around wasn't anyones idea of a good time, but heck, i wanted to see more. I reached as far as there was a good view of Klang Gates Dam and took some pictures. There's was quite a breeze up there and unless somebody was looking at the hill with binoculars or something, they would have seen a shirtless guy waving his arms madly. Nice and windy, though the sun was scorching, I didn't feel the burn.
This place is erm...near Kuala Lumpur, dont't know North or South or East or West.
Following are a series of pics i took of the place, enjoy.
different angles of the lake
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The cliff that most people would see from KL
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View of KL city, note the height of picture and KL tower
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bottom of the hill is a recreation park, some pics I took while down there
big tree, respect nature
Image Hosted by

a pool at the bottom,
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a nice little wooden bridge
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view of the cliff from the bottom of the recreation park
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the pics were taken using SonyEricsson k750i, don't expect much of it.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Inconsiderate people

This was taken outside my house on Sunday
Some stupid Kancil driver park on the main road, which is a two lane road, effectively making it one way and slowing down traffic. I noticed the car had so many stickers on it, protesting ISA, saying sports is good, pesticide kills and much more. So socially aware of things, so many stickers, but still so inconsiderate and stupid.
The reason they park outside my house? To go jogging at a park opposite my house.
Hello motherfucker? Jogging won't run away from you, spend just a little bit more time to find a proper parking spot and not inconvenient people can arrr??
Sadly, this happen every Saturday and Sunday, worse still if there's an event at the park.
Here's the pic of the car, try and see what sticker you can spot.
Image Hosted by

Last time a Merc parked outside, i scratched it...and shouted at some young driver for parking outside also, and the driver had the nerve to tell me not to shout, damn it, gonna have to traumatise them more. Let them live in fear, angry Elmo ain't nice to see

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Ecstacy Elmo's series of unfortunate events, with the Gen.2

On 22 April, thats a Saturday, at 2am in the morning, i was at my gf's place. Suddenly her dad called me down saying some one hit my car. The news was hard to swallow since just about every fucking month something happens to go wrong with my car.
We rushed out to see the street empty, not really empty, a car was stopped outside a house about 300 meters away. My girls dad told me to go up the street since he thought that could be the guy that hit my car. Got into the car, floored it and stopped right infront of this Mercedes E280 2268, got out of my car and saw that his front bumper was slightly dented. The driver gets out, and we saw he had this stoned look on his face, the fool was drinking, initial reaction was to punch his motherfucking lights out. But then if i did that, i would be sitting in front of this com writing this.
Old fucker had no respect for younger people, telling us not to raise out voice, saying its a small thing, babbling rubbish and all. We asked him why he hit my car, and he replied the road was narrow,fuck u old man, the road is wide ennough for a dumptruck to go through with out scratching any car. Then he said he was avoiding a car, bullshit i said, no car in sight except his. THEN he said he saw a shadow, so he tried to avoid it...i think if we went on he would have said he saw our Prime Minister crossing the street.
Stupid drunk old fuck doesn't a single idea what he was saying. I got his business card , and told him i will talk to him in the morning when we've all calmed down.
In the morning i went over to talk to him just as he was going out with his family, told him i want him to bear the full cost of repairing it, to this, he verbally agreed. Fine, i thought, stupid me, new to this experience. Not that i trusted his word in the first place, he's got that kind of look, the look you can't trust. What i thought was, "i know where you stay, you can't run, you drie a merc, why can't you pay?"
I went to get a quotation and called him to inform him about it, THEN he said it was too expensive. He started to delay, saying he had no time to meet me, i thought he was trying to buy time til 24hrs passed and I could't lodge my police report.
Off i went to the police station, lodged my report, as an insurance jsut incase he doesn't to pay for my repairs.
Thats when more shit started to happen, his mechanic called and say we can settle this and bla bla bla, said the old man has no insurance for the car, this shit n that shit. The next day, he brought his mechanic to see my car the next day. The mechanic claimed to be authorized by Proton, so it wouldn't be any problem for him to fix my car. I verbally agreed, but went home and called Proton is there any such Company listed with them to repair cars, the answer? Negative, lied to by antoher asshole. Called the mechanic n said I'm not sending my car over to him, had an argument and slammed down the phone, damn, felt like i was acting like a girl, no offence ya?
Then he sent his niece to call me, try to nego with me, til now, i don't get any calles from the niece, both she and that old asshole aren't answering my calls.
Nex course of action? go to JPJ to get his car checked out on thier old mouldy database, see what his insurance company his car is listed under. then lodge a third party claim on him.
Why didn't i do that earlier? becoz he said he would pay for the repairs, but its already one week and no news from him.
I'm going to the police station again to get them to call that guy, lodge a claim at his insurance and see how it goes. If he's not going to pay for my repairs, and bacause he didn't lodge a police report, I can't claim third party. I'm gonna make him pay for all that trouble he's giving me. If i have to fork out my own money, he's gonna have a lot of trouble, I'll try to get himinto jail or jst more trouble for drunk driving. Hopefully he won't get to see his young duaghters grow up.
Fucking pissed mood the whole damn week, and until its not solved, I'll feel like killing anyone
Following are the pictures of my car, not big damage, but taking a long time to resolve.

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Monday, April 24, 2006

We love sports!

Was going thru and notice this "champion" pikture
really hav to show it here.
Tony Parker of San Antonio Spurs shows the skill he has at ball handling, can control 3 at once? huahaha
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Spurs won the game, probly cos Artest didn't feel too well after that incident, malu to shoot or jump la, lest he land and feel someone grabbing him! kakaka

not funny then you tickle yourself la

Friday, March 31, 2006


So today we were supposed to synthesis triphenylmethanol with a grignard reagent. Previously our lecturer said he would show us how to do it instead of us doing it ourselves as it would be long experiment,bout 4hrs he said, then he changed his mind...whoopee for us.
We started our lab, all of us blur and following whatever the first person had done. basically copying what other people were doing instead of reading the manual. Then i was the first to break the ice, literally if you could say so. I detached the condenser from the two neck round ass flask and forgot to look if the glass adapter was attached, so it dropped from the condenser onto the lab table, i just watched it slowly roll to the edge of the table instead of stopping it, then see it fall from the table to the floor. was i stunned? i don't know. why on earth didn't i take my normal action to stop things from breaking and just stand there marvelling at the rolling adapter...into a thousand pieces, not really lah, but loud enough to attract the lecturers attention, which was followed by his interrogation. what a dumb ass i was.

this is what i broke.

i sort of started it off. Soon after, more things started breaking. Lets call my classmate by ASH, so ASH broke something next, and the lecturer went over and said "no need to do already, you can pack up and go home" mbe he was just pissed as ASH wasn't actually the next guy after me to break glassware, there were other people. Then ASH broke something AGAIN, to which the lecturer went over and said "told you you can stop already, do you want to break more?"
then the lecturer sorta became absent, guess he was trying to chill since our class has a habit of breaking things. while he was gone, ASH broke something yet AGAIN...good thing lecturer wasn't around. else there be fire from his mouth.
more things broke and thank goodness (if you could say so) the lecturer was chilling and walking outside somewhere when it happened. He would be like a General in the lab shouting at us, so much pressure, sure to mess more things up.
i would call today's lab a failure cos i broke something, so unlike me to stand and watch things break...

so anyway, watch "THE JUGGERNAUT BITCH" good laughs

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


My feelings go out to my friend, the flying (dirty) doctor CH. he severly injured his knee the past Sunday (12/3/2006) and my team mate T-rex Mah who broke a bone in his hand while breaking his fall.
This happened in our self-organized basketball league for non-professional basketballers, THE WANNA-B LEAGUE, heh nice name eh? well its beats playing fun games every Sunday, at least there's something for us to fight for, but not to the extent of getting seriously injured. occasional accidents do happen though,sad.
so in the flying doctors own words, his description of his knee injury...
"...I ruptured my anterior cruciate ligament, the posterior part of my lateral meniscus is probably hanging on somewhere, my medial collaterals r slightly damaged and there may be some cartilage having a swim in my currently swelled up knee... surgery is the onli option to avoid LONG TERM (20 yrs down the road) consequences. Rehab would take at least 1 month to start limping again."
wafark...just to start mention of walking
it sucks man going down like that.
everyone out there really into sports, well, take care and becareful, getting injured removes you from the game you love. (not bedroom olympics la!)

Friday, March 10, 2006

Fuck Proton! Rubbish service and rubbish product.

Proton once again manages to disappoint. From the moment I got hold of the keys to my Gen2, there was nothing short of trouble and stress. All hopes of the problems ending are always dashed one way or another, something always springs up at the wrong time. In the first week of owning my Gen2 I already had a list of complaints. It’s like buying a toy car and going back to the manufacturer to fix it. Steering wheel squeaking when I make a turn, hard to open doors, malfunctioning auto lock (still persists). The sad thing is there is no other car except our national manufacturer that fits into budget for size, engine capacity and price. After about 20 years there is still want for improvement, seems like quality is only for the higher end products, Perdana and Waja, why can’t other models have better engineering or quality control? It really makes me think that Proton does not have ANY quality control for Gen2 at all, either that or I’m just so unlucky I have to send my car back to Proton service center to be rectified about 3 times in the first month.
After about 5 months of having my car I thought the problems were going to end, I’ve been referred to Gen2 experts by my friend and my sales person, they have been a help. But just recently something happened to my Gen2 to really piss me off. It goes like this,
Many Gen2 owners get the smell of outside air leaking into the cabin, so to rectify this I had the car sent back to the Proton factory. What they would do was to seal the intake point that allows outside air to come in, easier said than done, right? I sent my car to the Mutiara Damansara Proton service center on the 30th of November 2005, we checked everything before I left my car for them, the service advisor also showed me what they would be doing (seal the intake point). So after a satisfactory explanation, I left the keys wit him, I was to collect my car in 2 days. On the 2nd of December 2005, I called the service center at about 3.30pm to enquire about the status of my car, I was informed my car would be ready in a few hours, and they would call me again when its ready for collection, no problem I would say, everything sounds fine. I called again at about 6pm after getting a wee bit impatient, I was informed my car had arrived, only thing is they wanted to wash it for me, sounds good washing the car for me, I’ve sent my car back so many times and its only been washed about 2 times, guess it was to sooth my nerves from being made to send the car back so often. I went to collect it, arrived about 7pm, slightly dark. The service advisor showed me my car, informed me on what had been done and also told me I can’t get outside air into the cabin anymore, not a problem then. After a moment he looked a little bit guilty, and informed me there was a chip on my windscreen, right in front of the drivers view. The chip is my reason of contempt, the advisor proceeded to tell me there was a chip on the day I delivered my car, I refused to accept his explanation as I knew my car well.

Image Hosted by
there is it, craaaack

Image Hosted by
top view
On the day I sent my car in, I had check my windscreen if it needed cleaning (was pumping gas), not standing at the drivers side and looking at my windscreen I did not at all notice anything unusual. I told the service advisor if the car was damaged in the possession of Proton, then Proton must do something to rectify it, the way it was said to me sounded more like: Proton damaged my car, but the owner has to grin and bear with it.
No way, no bloody way. I told the service advisor I was not taking this rubbish explanation from him. I would get it done one way or another. I took the car, regrettably I did not ask for the release bill, something I had to sign to admit the car was in good condition after receiving it. I was so angered by this many sensible things escaped my mind.
The chip could have been caused by a rock, or not. It is right in front of the driver, at my eye level. I would have noticed it when I checked if my windscreen was clean, or when I was driving. If the chip was obtained when I was driving I would know, what rock hitting my windscreen right in front of my face can be ignored? I don’t like the fact that the service advisor is pushing the blame to me. I have called up the Proton I-care line to complain about this, Ms Leena said she would get back to me in 2-3 days, and I got the call 2 weeks later. Talk about caring , just change it to Proton I-don’t-care. She informed me of their investigations, and said some form was typed just before sending my car back to the Proton factory for altering, and in the form dated 30th November, it was stated my car had a chipped wind screen before they sent it over. In 2 weeks, there is sufficient time to type a crap report, dates on documents can be altered, stories can be fabricated.

Well just recently, about 7 months after getting this car, the front passenger window broke down. SEVEN damn months only?? From July 2005 til the 3rd of March, that’s about the lifetime of my window motor. So I sent it back, got it fixed, mighty pissed I was that day for this to happen. I asked was it normal for a Gen2 window motor to break down so soon, answer was yes. After I received my car from the service personnel I checked the car to ensure everything was alright. Intuition sort of paid of, if you could count it that way, because I found a scratch from the middle of the front passenger door to the middle of the back door. It doesn’t end there, there were scratches on the wheel arch too. When I sent it in it was perfectly fine. To cut a long story short, I got the service advisor who attended to me to verify or tell me what happened. He told me before fixing the window there was nary a scratch on my car. I got it settled then, some time when I am free I’ll send my car back to them, again (groans), so they can repaint it.
The scratches...
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
I mean, just what kind of service is this where a customer can have their car returned to them in such a condition. Is it me and my bad luck? Does my number carry bad Feng Shui or something? Or does it have something to do with me being born in the year of the Dog and now it’s the year of the Dog?

If anyone had bothered to read this long (I think it is) entry…feel free to submit any experience of yours or your friends.
The way I see it, Proton won’t be improving on anything soon, quality wise and customer care.