Monday, May 15, 2006

Cheesy zinger n cheesy camera

Yummy, h0w many of you out there, Malaysia lah, has ever had a Cheesy Zinger?
Most of the time I go to KFC and order the Zinger and Cheesy Wedges set. A long time ago i ask the counter guy to squeeze cheese onto my Zinger burger, it tasted abso-fucking-lutely delicious. Maybe not to you but to me. The next day i went there again and asked for the same thing, but this time it was another counter guy, and he said he can't do that. So for 2 years i was buying the Zinger set and using the cheese from the Cheesy Wedges to smear my chicken patty, a bit tedious, not much taste, but when you taste the meat and the cheese, its worth that little hard work doing it.
Today, I went there for breakfast again, 4pm, (I'm a nightwalker explains everything?) and then i tried asking the counter girl if she could get someone to squeeze the cheese onto my burger. I had to wait for it, so when it came I was expecting to see a normal Zinger, plain n not cheesy larr
but then, surprise suprise, there was cheese in it! HOOORAAYYYY!!! that makes my day! not like there was much daytime to go anyway, but it made me happy. Good food always makes me a little less bitchier.
So here's a lil pic of me burger, realised I had to take a pic and show off after i took my first bite...could be a bit gross to some. buahaha i don't care!
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And next is the Cheesy Camera my brother got his hands on.
Its not cheap, it looks nice, the screen is nice, sounds good, its small and it ends just about there.
It comes with an SD card slot, stuffed with some plastic that isn't an SD card slot.
Its relative size to my hand.
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another view
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top view
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AV in n out holes
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fake SD card and its slot, and the USB cable plug hole
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It takes shitty pictures, can't take pics in a room, need really bright light to take a pic or a video. Makes funny noises when you choose options, you get to play TETRIS! and some other game but the controls shitty shitty shitty.
So what is it good for?? You could get a big SD card, save some videos and MP3's in, and you've got your own mobile entertainment. It's good for mobile entertainment, I'm not clear of the battery life. You get to watch a video when you're bored or like almost everyone nowdays, listen to MP3, but its bulky and about 5inch by 3 inch. So there's that.
My most suggested video to watch on that thing?
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Guaranteed laughter until you've watched it for the 5000th time!

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