Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sharp shooter required!!

went to take a piss at the Cathay Cineplex at Damansara Perdana, walked into the cubicle and saw this sign...

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show them how to shoot the fly/bull/ target properly
lets organize a sharpshooting class for the precision challenged people...

Drving therapy or exploring?

So friday classes ended at 11am, and the rest of the day was free. i decided to drive around after lunch and try to find a road i've been seeing from a highway. I managed to find the road i was looking for, apparently it was the old road to Bentong. winding kampung road, lots of trees, but the river along the road was tea colour, signs of development with out control. That sucked.
driving along the road, i saw a road sign saying "camp XXX", forgot what it was. I instincly swerved into the sliproad as camps meant more greens, and i like greens.
i only took 2 photos with my handphone. one of a bridge with a door...and a really tall tree. wouldn't want the tree to fall on me anytime...

Bridge over (not so) clear water
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Tall old tree
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WORLD CUP 2006!!!

I guess many people have been betting, losing or winning
the big game just passed, Italy vs France. then all of you know the result, 1-1, italy win 5-3 on penalties blah blah
my lil idiot bro went on and had a bet? lose money? win money? nooooooo
bet on loser shaving his head, and my bro bet on France, sheer genius....
results as below....

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feels like sandpaper...at least he had the balls to carry his bet out...haha