Sunday, June 18, 2006

Chocolates chocolates everywhere!!!!!

Today my parents just got home from Canada, and being in KLIA, duty free shopping, what else to do but shop right? So when I picked them up, I saw a nice white bag, what's on it? What brand of bag? here it is
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I haven't seen a bag like this before, so its pretty impressive and also jaw dropping. Imagine how much chocolates my mum bought for us for them (salespersons) to give my mum a bag like that.
Mum bought 3 bags of chocolates, i couldn't fit all of it into the fridge. Well, forget groceries, we gonna live on chocolates this month!
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more proof my mom loves us! there's more food around the house.
maybe she's trying to tell us we're underweight and need to put something on?

Choco party good good!!


- jes - said...

EH. you bring good chocolate back and YOU PUT IT IN THE FRIDGE?!?! *stress* don't you know that at a certain temperature, the cocao and milk solids will separate, forming that whitish layer on top?!?! argh.

Ecstacy Elmo said...

hmmm...either that or it'll melt? malaysia not cold la, those chocs aren't like the ones made in malaysia. made in malaisia one dun melt so easily. anyway, put in the fridge so many times, still ok ar.
i get to eat i get to eat lor! muahaha