Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Naturally natural nature, Taman Melawati

One day, I had a 3hour break from 10am -1pm, knowing myself, breakfast is a must in this situation. Sadly, no one wanted to have breakfast with me. Guess I look scary eh? I went off to Taman Melawati to have my meal and was done by about 11am. With nothing else to do, I decided to wander off to the hills of Melawati. Off to look for the Klang Gates Dam. Just a day before I found direction to the place, but I've been there before. And all I found was a little recreation park at the bottom of Syabas water works. I asked the guard at Syabas how to I get to view the lake or what route should I take to see the place. He told me there was a path bout 30 meters from the guard house and it takes about 5 minutes to reach the top. 5 minutes isn't a long time for me so off I went. At freaking 11.30am in the morning, that was close to noon already. Sun is up, burning my back as I make way to the top of the hill, following the clear path up and up, I arrived at one of the lower peaks. I could see the Klang Gates Dam, really a nice view, but it wasn't good enough for me so i climbed further up. The path was really steep, at some point almost a vertical drop of 15 meters. dropping down rocks and cliffs with out anyone around wasn't anyones idea of a good time, but heck, i wanted to see more. I reached as far as there was a good view of Klang Gates Dam and took some pictures. There's was quite a breeze up there and unless somebody was looking at the hill with binoculars or something, they would have seen a shirtless guy waving his arms madly. Nice and windy, though the sun was scorching, I didn't feel the burn.
This place is erm...near Kuala Lumpur, dont't know North or South or East or West.
Following are a series of pics i took of the place, enjoy.
different angles of the lake
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The cliff that most people would see from KL
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View of KL city, note the height of picture and KL tower
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bottom of the hill is a recreation park, some pics I took while down there
big tree, respect nature
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a pool at the bottom,
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a nice little wooden bridge
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view of the cliff from the bottom of the recreation park
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the pics were taken using SonyEricsson k750i, don't expect much of it.


slacker said...

taman melawati...lab manuals...lab stuff...can i guess? that u're from utar?? ahaha

*cq* said...

whoa, din know there's such beautiful nature so near to home! ah well~ guess i've never really had the chance to explore my surroundings eh? since i'm whisked off so fast each time i'm home ;p

Ecstacy Elmo said...

slacker: excellent deduction my dear watson! hehe.

cq: yeah yeah nice place, planning to go there in a few weeks time to watch the sunrise, heard its really nice, will update photos once i have it, if i do it.