Tuesday, August 29, 2006

INXS concert/fake accents....2 weeks late

So...my gf got free tickets to watch INXS perform live in KL, we obtained "The Pitt" tickets. The only thing i knew then was that the singer was some guy that won a contest, so not exactly a fan lah! But the tickets were free, and we had a chance to meet them, have a cocktail dinner and enjoy the performance, so what the heck, go lah! Its an experience not to be missed right?
I had a long day in uni before I could go. Ended my project on a bad note, something irregular, experiment failed. Left uni at 5++pm, we were supposed to be at the Stadium Negara by 5.30pm, jammed from Jln Kuching to Dayabumi, arrived around 5.45pm. Was searching high and low for a parking lot, no signs to say where to park at all. Finally found some place to parked and happily got conned for a RM10 parking fee, while some earlier one i saw was RM6 (but that place was boarded up and looked damn dodgy). We parked behind the stadium, had to walk downhill to the front to the entrance. We signed in as special guests and were ushered in to the stadium, while the people with normal tickets were waiting outside.
We were told to sit in some section for awhile, while the band was practicing and adjusting the equipment. I was impressed by JD's voice, live sounds as good as on his video of "Pretty Vegas"
Soon we were usherd into "The Pit" area, thats right infront of the stage. walking in front of us were this bunch of girls giggling and speaking in high pitch, fast forward, and very very dodgy accents...that was irritating. Being excited is ok, but throwing the accents was funny. One of the girls shouted something at Kirk Pengilly, and he shouted back "Hi Leng Lui!". quick to pick up a phrase in our language eh?
We stood there for awhile, expecting to meet the stars soon. Then the manager came out and called us to come near, he told us about the do's and don'ts (No personal pictures to be taken, no kissing and hugging,etc) He also said we will be able to have a group photo with INXS at the end to the meeting session. That sounded really cool.
Soon they came down 1 by 1, and we actually stood in a row to greet them and get their signatures. Out of nowhere this chinese lady in blue came n grabbed one of the band members and started taking pictures, thats when everyone took out their own cameras and started posing the the INXS members. JD Fortune was the last to come out, and he was mobbed by the girls with fake accents, I decided to continue collecting the signatures of the rest of the band before going on to JD with my gf. When I reached JD, the girls were still mugging him, it was too dark to see whether he was being groped (LOL), just as I lifted up my poster for him to sign, the manager tugged JD's arm to tell him fan session was over, AND THIS WAS LESS THEN 5 MINUTES, give or take 30 seconds per band member. Before i could think of asking JD for just another signature he was gone...I had 5 out of 6 signatures on my poster.Damn!
Soon the organizing staff told us we could go for cocktail dinner, and brought us out, dinner was outside. Leading the way to a...locked gate! talking into the walkie talkies, wasting about 10 minutes before deciding to use another gate to get the the cocktail dinner tents.
While on the way to the cocktail dinner, these girls were still chatting, not that chatting is a problem, the accents were getting really irritating. It sounded like it came out of "Totally Spies". Shite! did they learn their accents from that cartoon??
Then one of them said "NANTI NAK SEMBAYANG TAK?"
All that accent throwing and suddenly a phrase in the most basic bahasa/malay accent that you can get on the street/school/col/uni....I almost laughed my head off. If you want to carry an accent, carry it all the way lah!
Had a quick dinner at the tent and questioned the Celcom people about the organizing of the concert, whether INXS were really gonna come out and hav dinner with us or not, stuff like that, every reply was negative. Can't seem to get that final signature for me n my gf, damn!
We were ushered back into the stadium, while we were Q-ing up to get into the pit, the noisy accented girls were denied entry. One of them asked the guy manning the enrtance to the pit why not, and was told something, she then turned around, looked at me and said "He's not letting us in" YAY! Accent free concert! I showed my tickets to the guy and he let us in, I turned around to see if anyone else was coming in and caught the girls giving me this deadly "Stares of jealousy cos you can be infront of the stange and we can't" stare....6 of them...not scary! very funny! BUAHAHAHA!!
At that moment, there were only another couple besides us, I mentioned I was afraid there would be so few people in the pit, picture having less than 10 people watching the performance...weird lah! Got to know the couple, Shoban and Agnes, nice people really, and long time fans of INXS, since Micheal Hutchence's era.
Soon more people came in, the floddgates were opened. This skinny chinese girl stood beside me and started pushing to get closer to the middle of the stage. We waited really long for the concert to start. Some band nameb SingleTrackMind came at about 8pm to adjust their equipment, dissapeared and came back again at about 8.30pm. Their performance was bad, not a good live band at all. Kept on telling us this is from a yet unreleased album,a song dedicated to Pak Lah and DrM, cheeziness anyone? towards their last song their banner dropped of the stage, a bad sign for them i suppose, they didn't see it. They should have been called SingleTrackBand...
After the warm up band, the INXS crew came out to readjust all the settings and equipment, that took about 45 minutes, from 9pm to about 9.45pm, stading there was tiring, especially since we've been there since 7pm. The skinny girl beside me decided to lament on the long wait with an ACCENT! lucky me....being surrounded with accents... she said "OOah Mai gawd! whaats takiing so longg. Aii think ai'mm goin to faint" grrr...throw the accent away la...soon she got a phone call from probably her school friend and she was screeching excitedly into the phone " Wor zhai zhe li ah! wor zhai ze li ar!" which means "i'm here" and said something about being in the concert in madarin...another case of "can't pull the fake accent off-syndrom" behind me were a bunch of indian girls chatting with accents with a foreigner...is there no end?
So...now where am I? right! after the waiting and endless assault of fake accents on my poor ear, the lights went out, INXS walk onto stage in the darkness. I could see la, standing right in front of the stage after all. Again, I'm not a fan of INXS, so i didn't know what they were singing, but i was enjoying the performance. Shoban and Agnes were singing along to all the songs, cool!
A good band functions well with all the members, not just with a good vocalist. Each instrumentalist, the 3 brothers and Kirk were doing a good job, and JD was performing really well. Really good voice and a great entertainer.
After like an hour, they said their goodbyes and told us we were a good crowd and he loved us...guess he told that to every country lah! haha. It felt too short a concert for them to leave like that, and I figured that was probly a gimmick, or time to take a break. Soon the crowd was cheering for an encore, and true enough they came out again. This time louder than before. They were playing the old songs and of course the new, and of course "Pretty Vegas"
Sometime in the concert, JD walked off stage and in front of "The Pit", stretched out his hand to touch the crowd. Many people near the front lunged forward to have a chance at touching him, poor Agnes was crushed against the railing by some beefed up faggoty guy trying to touch JD's hand. Of all the hands, JD manages to avoid mine, maybe he saw that I was a guy and avoided it at the last minute...haha. No trouble for me when Jd came over, girls managed to avoid pressing against me. Rugi if rub their body on me huh?
Kirk Pengilly threw his guitar pick in my direction, me and this chinese girl were trying to grab it mid air, it fell out of somebody's hand, bounced on the floor, went through the rolled up poster of mine, and slid down into my bag. What luck!
Then the concert was over, while the crowd were dispersing, we decided not to get caught up in the human traffic and just sat down where we were standing. Waiting for the entrance to clear up.
All in all it was a great concert and really nice to have met Shoban and Agnes, real fans they are.
Photos will be uploaded once I get my photo-editing software back.

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