Friday, May 12, 2006

LongDay MonDay

Monday Monday, anyone ever had Monday blues? Guess everyone has had it sometime or the other. 4 days ago, I was due to start my final year project in Chemistry. Sounds exciting, but but but it wasn't as I expected, ended up taking so much of my time i was pratically falling asleep in the lab, it happens.
So my project is to sit in front and plot graphs of chemicals, that's a really really short story. i just realised today after calculating how many samples I have to make that it would mean sleeping in the lab, if that's ever possible. about 300 samples, 1 sample a day, means 300 days! I give my life and my blood to my uni, from now on I shall not have any social life what so ever. It sucks big time, preparing the chemicals is easy, so to speak, the lab doesn't have air conditioning (I'm pampered! give me my air-cond lab!). Preparing samples in the afternoon is a bitch, and wearing a thick lab coat doesn't help either. good thing is, I scan the samples in an air-conditioned room, but i have to sit there almost the whole day.
This is my toy,
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and the little glass bottle is where my chemicals will go, and then all those electrode will send some current through and i get to see from the monitor what goes on. The little round thing at the bottom of the pic is a piece of titanium, chemicals will settle on titanium in the glass bottle.
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I was in there the whole day waiting for time to pass, so I could take my gf out for nice lunch n shopping. Her B'day mah!!! but i was stuck in there for so long it took almost all our time away. I really really felt so guilty, I still feel bad that it had to happen that day. but in the end we went for dinner at a nice place near my house. I did not have any idea on where to eat, becoz I felt like I've eaten almost everything. She suggested Boat House, good idea, nice quiet place, weekday less people. We went there, had a nice dinner n drew one the tables. YES! you get to draw on the table. They put a large piece of paper on the table and a glass of crayons for you to draw and scribble while you wait for your food.
This is all I had to offer... Sor Por I really really love uuuu...hehe
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After dinner we were there still chatting when i turned and saw someone in a panda suit standing near the entrance, that table was also singing a birthday song before that. same day as my gf i guess. Nice way of sharing a birthday with pals, get someone to dress up in a panda suit and wish you Happy B'day.

Ok off time now, better melt my brain before thinking of doing my project again... T_T

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