Sunday, August 06, 2006

Bad week

The week began on a bad note, waking up late on a wet Monday morning, i knew the road to uni was going to be jammed. So i thought of using an alternate road. Which was quite a dumb idea as i'm unfamiliar with the road, I had to get to 3 traffic jams to get to uni that day. I was late for lab, but the lecturer was even later, so i could still go join the lab session. After the lab was over i decided to go for lunch with a classmate. One the way back i had to go through another 2 jams before making it to uni, and uni was just a few kms away.
Forgot what happened on tues and wed, but on thurs i got a call from my friend, asking me to go for a dinner on friday at a bistro. I informed my girlfriend about it and then we got into an argument/silent war about me not spending enough time with her. the argument lasted til 3-4am on a friday. I managed to get 4 hours sleep before classes. Got to uni with squinted eyes. had a silent lunch with my girlfriend and then i was to do my final year project.
It took me about 1 hour to prepare my sample. i forgot to bring my log book, which has all my calculations, apparatus and procedure listed down, so i had to sit there and think of what i needed. After preparing my sample and adjusting the pH, i started the computer to run my sample. thats when i lost my temper, I tried to start a certain program/the computer for about 30 minutes and nothing would happen. Windows would just start and hang. Nothing could be done, preparing the sample was a waste of time. I stormed to the staff room, searched for my project supervisor and coordinator to complain about the virus in the computer which hasn't been elminated yet, but they were not there. I walked out of the staff room seriously pissed, decided to walk down 3 level so i could kick the stairs door open...just to release a bit of anger.
I just don't seem to have the luck in my final year project. everytime i manage to secure a lab session, something crops up to stop me from doing it. The beginning of the sem was a good time to do lab, but my car was in an accident and i had to tend to it. Then this Short Fat Fuck (SFF) sharing the same equipment as me had the priorority to use the lab and managed to book weeks of lab sessions in advance, which leaves me and the others using the same equipment with next to no time to do project. When i managed to book it, the lab assistants were not around, i couldnt get in the lad the whole day, another time was when i got sick and wasn't feeling too well to sit in the lab the whole day. thats twice. I had only managed to book the lab 5 times. First was still testing, second was a failure because the equipment were changed and SFF knowing i was going to use it did not inform me, third was ok. The friday just past was supposed to be my 6 lab, which failed because the com was fucked, and our stupid uni is too poor to afford a proper anti-virus software.
really angry now with my project, nearing the end of this sem and lecturer saying 3 months holiday is not enough to complete it. Not being able to do it, on the only available days, the lab is overbooked by SFF...tell me who do i need to kill?


Dawn said...

tell the sff to lend u a week or two la. the stupid fella cannot finish his project properly issit? keep on booking nonstop without thinking. go tell ur teacher la. say u would love to complete it but things that happen make it impossible for u to do so. go sound all diplomatic and noble n shits and your teacher might give you some leeway/suggest something better.

Sandra White said...
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