Thursday, August 03, 2006

In a Limbo

No, not the limbo rock dance... currently in a weird state. I'm tired, depressed, confused, exhausted, stressed and can't think of anymore. I would like to hae a few days all to myself, no need to drive, or talk to anyone at all. Basically I want to be a vegetable for a few days.
I just had my Food Chem exam today, it was horrible, trying to cheat is as good as not cheating, nothing good happens. In this case, no one had an answer... everyone came out of the exam venue feeling shitty, or thats what I observed. Maybe the class geniuses were satisfied. This is the depressed part. Not to forget, my knees are injured and I can't play sports regularly or normally anymore, I need sports to cheer up, but not getting any at the moment.
Makes me think maybe I AM in the wrong field. Maybe I should be studying something else. I am thinking of studying something else after i graduate, but whether my parents like it is another matter. This is the confused part.
Tired and exhausted, from driving, lack of sleep, not having a good nights rest at all for the past few months. By saying this i mean getting to sleep for at least 8 hours with out waking up at all due to noise form the kitchen/TV/brothers room/family chatting and stuff like that. I always get woken up before my time, and it sucks.
Lets see how long this phase stays, before I find some peace.

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loveluvlove said...

I feel you on that tip!!!! You need Rest!!!