Sunday, March 30, 2008

Proton Sucks!

Right after my 2 years warranty on my car expired, things started going wrong. The power window motor broke (2nd time in 2 years), air con relay was burnt (so i get hot air). Cheap quality car, don't expect much.
Just recently I notice my tail-pipe was hanging low. Wondering what was up I gave it a shove with my foot. It was loose. Turns out the nut and whatever metal tubes the tail-pipe was welded to had rusted out. After a few shakes the tail-pipe came out. So now i drive around with a rusted exhaust pipe sticking out. I feel like its a leper car...stupid crap
The only thing Proton engineered well was to have it break apart right after the warranty is over. So that they don't have to replace anything for free. Evil shits.