Friday, March 31, 2006


So today we were supposed to synthesis triphenylmethanol with a grignard reagent. Previously our lecturer said he would show us how to do it instead of us doing it ourselves as it would be long experiment,bout 4hrs he said, then he changed his mind...whoopee for us.
We started our lab, all of us blur and following whatever the first person had done. basically copying what other people were doing instead of reading the manual. Then i was the first to break the ice, literally if you could say so. I detached the condenser from the two neck round ass flask and forgot to look if the glass adapter was attached, so it dropped from the condenser onto the lab table, i just watched it slowly roll to the edge of the table instead of stopping it, then see it fall from the table to the floor. was i stunned? i don't know. why on earth didn't i take my normal action to stop things from breaking and just stand there marvelling at the rolling adapter...into a thousand pieces, not really lah, but loud enough to attract the lecturers attention, which was followed by his interrogation. what a dumb ass i was.

this is what i broke.

i sort of started it off. Soon after, more things started breaking. Lets call my classmate by ASH, so ASH broke something next, and the lecturer went over and said "no need to do already, you can pack up and go home" mbe he was just pissed as ASH wasn't actually the next guy after me to break glassware, there were other people. Then ASH broke something AGAIN, to which the lecturer went over and said "told you you can stop already, do you want to break more?"
then the lecturer sorta became absent, guess he was trying to chill since our class has a habit of breaking things. while he was gone, ASH broke something yet AGAIN...good thing lecturer wasn't around. else there be fire from his mouth.
more things broke and thank goodness (if you could say so) the lecturer was chilling and walking outside somewhere when it happened. He would be like a General in the lab shouting at us, so much pressure, sure to mess more things up.
i would call today's lab a failure cos i broke something, so unlike me to stand and watch things break...

so anyway, watch "THE JUGGERNAUT BITCH" good laughs

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