Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fountain of youths

This fountain at the end of the Curve shopping mall, between the Curve and the Cathay Cineplex has been open for ages, all of a sudden it was bordered up with flower pots.
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I used to see little kids playing at the fountain, babies lah, seeing the water shoot out suddenly excites them enough and the go screaming and running back to their parents, Nice to see and brings a smile to my face. So when i saw the fountain close up, no more playing, I was thinking "why close it up? too dirty is it?"
Then I remembered my brother telling us elder siblings about one of his escapades. He had a drink at a bar nearby and was feeling all pukey. So where's the best place to toss up? At the fountain la! Bugger went and puked at the fountain...imagine his puke being recylcled and the shot up into the air again...yucks...
So it wasn't to prevent kids getting dirty, it was to prevent a big kid from dirtying it...stupid fella...

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I did a good deed! yay!

Last Friday 6/10/2006, i saw a message on ZTH forum asking members to donate whatever computer parts we have available and not using anymore to an orphanage/home for under previledged children. So i messaged the poster and told him I had an old comp sitting around, and was willing to donate it. "Cool!" he replied.
I got to cleaing up the comp, formating the old hard disk...too many girly pics in there, can't have the kids going through my contents ler. Wana teach them nice thing end up teaching them unwanted things.
At night, we finally met up. Jermaine had a spiffy looking car, Kenari nicely modded. He was so grateful on getting the comp from me he was almost bursting. Jermaine would be helping out the orphanage for about a year, so he'll be sprucing up the place, teaching the kids about computers i guess.
Kudos to him and being so involved in what he is doing.
Coffee tables, carpets, comps, books, and whatever things usable to the kids growing up there are appreciated.
The orphanage/house for underprivilaged kids is in Klang, Jln Kapar area. I haven't been there before but Jermaine says its in a slum area.
I'm in KL, so if anyone would like to donate, give me a message ya?

Friday, October 06, 2006


The other day i was driving around Tmn Bahagia LRT station looking for a parking spot to wait for my gf when i came upon this nicely done up car, didn't recognize it at first but when i got closer i saw that it was an old Nissan Fairlady.
I checked the rear view mirror to see that no one was behind me, stopped in the middle of the road, took out my K750i and focused and took a pic.
Here it is
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Then i drove by it to take a better look and realise the driver was inside on the phone and he saw me taking a pic of his car! MALUNYA......
I gave a sheepish smile and waved, and he smiled n waved back. and continued talking on the phone. malu malu...shy shy...

Whoever you are, thats a nice car you have.