Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Snort Snort!

Dateline: 19th June 2006, Monday
It was a cold morning, and I had to wake up so early to leave for uni cos my car was still in the work shop. Thats beside the point. On the way to uni, I noticed the hills of Melawati were all shrouded in clouds, that was about 8am. Me being the nature/cloud/dreamer decided to go towards the hill after dropping my brother off at TAR college (no they don't teach you to make tar there, its the initials of our late prime ministers name)
Along the road outside the college, influece from the previous nights viewing of Victoria's Secret Showcase crept in. I started judging any girl I saw walking along the road as Pass! or Fail! On Saturday i watched The Fast and The Furious 3, Tokyo Drift, and boy oh boy! were there loads of scantily clad 'japanese girls' or what. Sunday was Vic's Secret night, Blood loss ensues. Me and my brother were drooling over the models walking down the catwalk, bouncing bouncy...its messy, but i just have to tell everything. I'd like to watch Victoria's Secret again please, pretty please.
After dropping of my easy to influence brother at college i headed off to the hills. I came to a spot and stopped there, it was the closest to the clouds, but it the end of the road. Beyond this was a trail leading up to some village. I stepped out of the car and saw an old lady slowly hobbling along. Ever curious me decided to ask granny whats over the hill. Suprisingly she answered (me total stranger) and told me there was a village over the hill, i asked more: could i go in, would the villagers mind a tresspasser, things like that. To which she replied: the villagers don't mind, its no problem for people to go in because people do go in for a jog up the trail.
The granny was going into the village to feed the villagers chickens with bread. Guess she does it very often. As i walked with her into the village chatting, one of the villagers known to her shouted out "We caught a boar! do you want to have it?"
Granny said no to his question. she didnt want the boar. But i was curious and wanted to see how big a boar could be, city boy me. So I asked another villager if it was ok for me to see it. The villager obligingly agreed and brought me up. These people are just so friendly. As we neared the boar, I could hear in grunting and snorting. It looked pretty fierce, trying to get itself loose of the trap it was bound to. I quickly took a few pics and thanked the villager for bringing me up there. The ropes the boar was bound to look about to break, and I wouldn't want to have any bite marks to show around.
Here's the wild boar. it was about 2 and a half to 3 feet long.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The villagers did ask if i wanted to have the boar, eat la, its delicious with curry, but I declined. Maybe I'll take some if there is any the next time I visit them.
I left the place with granny and i guess it was rare for granny to chat, as she asked me to come look for her some other time. Either I'm a very talkative guy or...I'm so good looking, even old ladies are attracted to me! haha
Thats all i can think of for now, really sleepy and tired from walking up that steep hill to the village and staying up the whole day for classes and all.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Chocolates chocolates everywhere!!!!!

Today my parents just got home from Canada, and being in KLIA, duty free shopping, what else to do but shop right? So when I picked them up, I saw a nice white bag, what's on it? What brand of bag? here it is
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
I haven't seen a bag like this before, so its pretty impressive and also jaw dropping. Imagine how much chocolates my mum bought for us for them (salespersons) to give my mum a bag like that.
Mum bought 3 bags of chocolates, i couldn't fit all of it into the fridge. Well, forget groceries, we gonna live on chocolates this month!
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more proof my mom loves us! there's more food around the house.
maybe she's trying to tell us we're underweight and need to put something on?

Choco party good good!!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Food chem

The other day we were supposed to test the acidity of drinks, which in this case was 7-Up and 100-plus.
Dr K: take 100 mL of the beverage and test it
me: ok (measure carefully 100 mL of drinks into beaker and take to test)
few minutes later,
Dr K: ok, so what did you find out?
me: 100-Plus isotonic drink is more acidic than 7-Up, but 7-up tastes better...
Dr K: Test the acidity then neutralise it!!!!! WTF you drink it for?!?!?!
me: Ooooh @_@ (goes to get more drinks)