Friday, March 31, 2006


So today we were supposed to synthesis triphenylmethanol with a grignard reagent. Previously our lecturer said he would show us how to do it instead of us doing it ourselves as it would be long experiment,bout 4hrs he said, then he changed his mind...whoopee for us.
We started our lab, all of us blur and following whatever the first person had done. basically copying what other people were doing instead of reading the manual. Then i was the first to break the ice, literally if you could say so. I detached the condenser from the two neck round ass flask and forgot to look if the glass adapter was attached, so it dropped from the condenser onto the lab table, i just watched it slowly roll to the edge of the table instead of stopping it, then see it fall from the table to the floor. was i stunned? i don't know. why on earth didn't i take my normal action to stop things from breaking and just stand there marvelling at the rolling adapter...into a thousand pieces, not really lah, but loud enough to attract the lecturers attention, which was followed by his interrogation. what a dumb ass i was.

this is what i broke.

i sort of started it off. Soon after, more things started breaking. Lets call my classmate by ASH, so ASH broke something next, and the lecturer went over and said "no need to do already, you can pack up and go home" mbe he was just pissed as ASH wasn't actually the next guy after me to break glassware, there were other people. Then ASH broke something AGAIN, to which the lecturer went over and said "told you you can stop already, do you want to break more?"
then the lecturer sorta became absent, guess he was trying to chill since our class has a habit of breaking things. while he was gone, ASH broke something yet AGAIN...good thing lecturer wasn't around. else there be fire from his mouth.
more things broke and thank goodness (if you could say so) the lecturer was chilling and walking outside somewhere when it happened. He would be like a General in the lab shouting at us, so much pressure, sure to mess more things up.
i would call today's lab a failure cos i broke something, so unlike me to stand and watch things break...

so anyway, watch "THE JUGGERNAUT BITCH" good laughs

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


My feelings go out to my friend, the flying (dirty) doctor CH. he severly injured his knee the past Sunday (12/3/2006) and my team mate T-rex Mah who broke a bone in his hand while breaking his fall.
This happened in our self-organized basketball league for non-professional basketballers, THE WANNA-B LEAGUE, heh nice name eh? well its beats playing fun games every Sunday, at least there's something for us to fight for, but not to the extent of getting seriously injured. occasional accidents do happen though,sad.
so in the flying doctors own words, his description of his knee injury...
"...I ruptured my anterior cruciate ligament, the posterior part of my lateral meniscus is probably hanging on somewhere, my medial collaterals r slightly damaged and there may be some cartilage having a swim in my currently swelled up knee... surgery is the onli option to avoid LONG TERM (20 yrs down the road) consequences. Rehab would take at least 1 month to start limping again."
wafark...just to start mention of walking
it sucks man going down like that.
everyone out there really into sports, well, take care and becareful, getting injured removes you from the game you love. (not bedroom olympics la!)

Friday, March 10, 2006

Fuck Proton! Rubbish service and rubbish product.

Proton once again manages to disappoint. From the moment I got hold of the keys to my Gen2, there was nothing short of trouble and stress. All hopes of the problems ending are always dashed one way or another, something always springs up at the wrong time. In the first week of owning my Gen2 I already had a list of complaints. It’s like buying a toy car and going back to the manufacturer to fix it. Steering wheel squeaking when I make a turn, hard to open doors, malfunctioning auto lock (still persists). The sad thing is there is no other car except our national manufacturer that fits into budget for size, engine capacity and price. After about 20 years there is still want for improvement, seems like quality is only for the higher end products, Perdana and Waja, why can’t other models have better engineering or quality control? It really makes me think that Proton does not have ANY quality control for Gen2 at all, either that or I’m just so unlucky I have to send my car back to Proton service center to be rectified about 3 times in the first month.
After about 5 months of having my car I thought the problems were going to end, I’ve been referred to Gen2 experts by my friend and my sales person, they have been a help. But just recently something happened to my Gen2 to really piss me off. It goes like this,
Many Gen2 owners get the smell of outside air leaking into the cabin, so to rectify this I had the car sent back to the Proton factory. What they would do was to seal the intake point that allows outside air to come in, easier said than done, right? I sent my car to the Mutiara Damansara Proton service center on the 30th of November 2005, we checked everything before I left my car for them, the service advisor also showed me what they would be doing (seal the intake point). So after a satisfactory explanation, I left the keys wit him, I was to collect my car in 2 days. On the 2nd of December 2005, I called the service center at about 3.30pm to enquire about the status of my car, I was informed my car would be ready in a few hours, and they would call me again when its ready for collection, no problem I would say, everything sounds fine. I called again at about 6pm after getting a wee bit impatient, I was informed my car had arrived, only thing is they wanted to wash it for me, sounds good washing the car for me, I’ve sent my car back so many times and its only been washed about 2 times, guess it was to sooth my nerves from being made to send the car back so often. I went to collect it, arrived about 7pm, slightly dark. The service advisor showed me my car, informed me on what had been done and also told me I can’t get outside air into the cabin anymore, not a problem then. After a moment he looked a little bit guilty, and informed me there was a chip on my windscreen, right in front of the drivers view. The chip is my reason of contempt, the advisor proceeded to tell me there was a chip on the day I delivered my car, I refused to accept his explanation as I knew my car well.

Image Hosted by
there is it, craaaack

Image Hosted by
top view
On the day I sent my car in, I had check my windscreen if it needed cleaning (was pumping gas), not standing at the drivers side and looking at my windscreen I did not at all notice anything unusual. I told the service advisor if the car was damaged in the possession of Proton, then Proton must do something to rectify it, the way it was said to me sounded more like: Proton damaged my car, but the owner has to grin and bear with it.
No way, no bloody way. I told the service advisor I was not taking this rubbish explanation from him. I would get it done one way or another. I took the car, regrettably I did not ask for the release bill, something I had to sign to admit the car was in good condition after receiving it. I was so angered by this many sensible things escaped my mind.
The chip could have been caused by a rock, or not. It is right in front of the driver, at my eye level. I would have noticed it when I checked if my windscreen was clean, or when I was driving. If the chip was obtained when I was driving I would know, what rock hitting my windscreen right in front of my face can be ignored? I don’t like the fact that the service advisor is pushing the blame to me. I have called up the Proton I-care line to complain about this, Ms Leena said she would get back to me in 2-3 days, and I got the call 2 weeks later. Talk about caring , just change it to Proton I-don’t-care. She informed me of their investigations, and said some form was typed just before sending my car back to the Proton factory for altering, and in the form dated 30th November, it was stated my car had a chipped wind screen before they sent it over. In 2 weeks, there is sufficient time to type a crap report, dates on documents can be altered, stories can be fabricated.

Well just recently, about 7 months after getting this car, the front passenger window broke down. SEVEN damn months only?? From July 2005 til the 3rd of March, that’s about the lifetime of my window motor. So I sent it back, got it fixed, mighty pissed I was that day for this to happen. I asked was it normal for a Gen2 window motor to break down so soon, answer was yes. After I received my car from the service personnel I checked the car to ensure everything was alright. Intuition sort of paid of, if you could count it that way, because I found a scratch from the middle of the front passenger door to the middle of the back door. It doesn’t end there, there were scratches on the wheel arch too. When I sent it in it was perfectly fine. To cut a long story short, I got the service advisor who attended to me to verify or tell me what happened. He told me before fixing the window there was nary a scratch on my car. I got it settled then, some time when I am free I’ll send my car back to them, again (groans), so they can repaint it.
The scratches...
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I mean, just what kind of service is this where a customer can have their car returned to them in such a condition. Is it me and my bad luck? Does my number carry bad Feng Shui or something? Or does it have something to do with me being born in the year of the Dog and now it’s the year of the Dog?

If anyone had bothered to read this long (I think it is) entry…feel free to submit any experience of yours or your friends.
The way I see it, Proton won’t be improving on anything soon, quality wise and customer care.