Thursday, August 31, 2006

Pahroud to be Malaysian?

Wahsai, I got this link from KennySia's blog which i got from Dawn's blog whic says i am
38% Meraysian....yay! not too bad huh?

Congratulations alexis, you are 38% not Malaysian.

That means you're as Malaysian as...

Michelle Yeoh!

How Un-Malaysian Are You?

very quiet celebrations again, last minute only i heard the advertisements for Merdeka, fly the flag la, be proud la, but 4-5 days before it happens only they step up the promotion.
I actually tuned in to watch the celebration in Kuching. Sucked big time lah, even the performers didn't know the words to the sonds they kept playing along, waving their flags too. Their 15 minutes of fame use to show their moves moving like fish trying to breathe not going along to the lyrics. Tiuniamahai, want to be on TV also better abit la. Lip synch also pro abit la.
Merdeka is so dead nowadays. Wonder whats happening?
Then some stupid monkey says Mat Rempits are Putera UMNO's asset, sei sor hai, might as well fish for votes from the prisoners in Sg Buloh prison la. Telling this to about 2000 Mat Rempits during Merdeka, you gonna encourage them to race and endanger other peoples lives. Wave the national flag around and that stupid monkey says you're an asset. Tiuz, ask those criminal stuck in jail to wave the flag, see stupid monkey say the same thing or not.
If people like him are going to lead the country, we are going to be fucked la, can start writing laws to legalize butt fucking like Mat Rempits love. Since they are going to be the majority voters for Si stupid monkey, might as well make laws in their favour right?
Hailat lor......

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