Monday, May 01, 2006

Inconsiderate people

This was taken outside my house on Sunday
Some stupid Kancil driver park on the main road, which is a two lane road, effectively making it one way and slowing down traffic. I noticed the car had so many stickers on it, protesting ISA, saying sports is good, pesticide kills and much more. So socially aware of things, so many stickers, but still so inconsiderate and stupid.
The reason they park outside my house? To go jogging at a park opposite my house.
Hello motherfucker? Jogging won't run away from you, spend just a little bit more time to find a proper parking spot and not inconvenient people can arrr??
Sadly, this happen every Saturday and Sunday, worse still if there's an event at the park.
Here's the pic of the car, try and see what sticker you can spot.
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Last time a Merc parked outside, i scratched it...and shouted at some young driver for parking outside also, and the driver had the nerve to tell me not to shout, damn it, gonna have to traumatise them more. Let them live in fear, angry Elmo ain't nice to see


Ben Ed said...

Heyy, U could put flower pots at the area on Sunday, just like ppl who lives near 1U new-wing. If ppl dare to remove the pots, u then stab 9 the tires, all 4 of them.

Ecstacy Elmo said...

ooo ok, that sounds good, never thought of that before, thanks