Thursday, April 26, 2007

Final exams blues

This 2 weeks will be my final final exams, no more exams for me, that is...assuming i pass everything. Knowing my exams are coming, i didn't feel any sense of urgency to study, no feeling of "oh shit....its coming soon..." not the shit, the exam.
basically wasted a whole week bumming in front of the com playing DOTA while sometimes squeezing abit of my thesis in. Thesis was due 23/4, which was the day of my first paper, ended up pulling an all nighter to finish my thesis, left it halfway to go for a 9am paper, with only 5-10 minutes of study time. Exam ended at 11am, rushed back home n took a 1hr nap, then woke up to continue my thesis, was supposed to be due at 12pm, but someone texted me saying it was due 5pm. Confident that i could hav it done by 4, i took a nap. I seem to be overconfident on alot of things, but just dont know when i should be doing work. Ended up panicking, calling my supervisor to tell him i might not make it, called the office to ask, thank goodness the staff were staying til 6pm, i could have it there by then. Printed it, took an hour to print, rushed down to uni to bind it and handed it in. Office lady said i wasnt the lsat one, but i was almost the last one...dunno what she meant. That's one hurdle over.
Have another paper the next day. Went home to study the latest tips i got on SMS, (Thanks to technology) but largely ignored the tutorials and some stuff...
At the next exam, which was super long title "Industrial Organics and Natural Products Chemistry" (hey not that long after all, maybe cos i type it instead of handwriting) , i was basically writing whatever rubbish i could think of, last minute tips did help a tad.but not enough, felt like shite. Might as well prepare to pay rm100 for resitting the paper. Its my bloody final semester man, why aren't I feeling any sense of urgency at all? no drive to study, no initiative, no nothing. I keep telling my self i wont be like this next time, duh! there is no next time, i'd be graduated by then!
monday, tuesday papers done, following thurs' 26/4 paper, Polymer Chemistry. Heavily tipped by our lecturer, we should, or "I" should be doing some good, but no...on Wednesday i slept the day away, only to finally start studying at 8pm. til 3am. Got myself distracted very frequently, some movie, then Heroes, then...Champions league match between Chealse n Liverpool, not that i'm much of a footie fan, just easily distracted. Slept soon after, was planning to wake at 7am, to continue studying, but just couldn't drag myself n pry my heavy eyelids open. Snooze for another 1 hr, woke at 9, did some studying then it was time to go.
Fetched my girlfriend, was contemplating a quick lunch or just some bun while studying abit mroe before the paper, ended up having KFC. reached uni about 145pm, exam to start at 2pm. studied abit then entered the hall late as usual.
With all those tips, I should have made some good. Ended up bombing the thing and writing even more crap. great. must have been a dissapointment to the lecturer. just hope i pass this paper and don'thave to take a supplementary paper for this
Next week is the final paper, the most shittiest one, "Advanced Coordination Chemistry". failed the course work, so i'll have to score like mad to pass this subject, hope all goes well, i have exactly one more week to go.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Some old pics

Was going thru my hard drive, found some interesting pics to post
Anti stress kit at uni
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Broken floor in class, just about after 2 years of studying, shoddy work and scrimping on cement somehow allowed gas to build up under the floor tiles. One fine morning the gas decided its time to show, n popped the floor tiles to escape. Gave some classmates a shock, now many parts of my uni hav cracked tiles too. Not because of some fatty bom bom stomping around tho
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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Cannibal lecture!

Was feeling pretty restless, wanted to shout/ scream/ break or throw things around but couldn't. Was up most of the nite preparing for my presentation slides for "Persuasive Speech". A speech less than 5 minutes took me about 4 hours to prepare. Then i slept from 6am to 9am, got myself ready really slowly, arrive just in time for Public Speaking class.At that time, the 1st speaker was jsut about to start, my timing not too bad la. I was the 9th. While sitting there i just wanted to do something. Was sitting with SH, cracking stupid jokes while the speakers change one by one. Sh turn was before me, i think he was number 3. After that i just didn't know what to do, and he's a nice guy to bully, so i bit him, yeah i BIT him, right on top of the shoulder blade. Felt a little good, scared him tho.
After lunch SH had the misfortune of sitting beside me again. I just got back my Final Year Project (FYP)Report. lost of red ink insdie. Supervisor told me to repeat a particular experiment. WAARGGHHHHHH ROOOOARRRRR. couldn't actually do that, was in class. SH saw me report and was laughing away, which led to me biting him on the arm again. this time was harder, n a wee bit longer, had to let go before he started screaming in class and getting the lecturers attention. Felt a little better. The texture and strength of human flesh is interesting, i worry i might become a cannibal just to really taste what human meat is like.
Suprisingly, that 3 hrs of sleep lasted me til 1am the next day. Normally i would be asleep by class.
Semester is ending, exams are coming, reports are due soon, i'm gonna graduate too, anyone volunteer to be bitting by me? Need a place to run away to relax before the exams. I just want straight 8hrs of sleep.cant seem to get that, too much noise at home +  i'm a really light sleeper.