Friday, October 06, 2006


The other day i was driving around Tmn Bahagia LRT station looking for a parking spot to wait for my gf when i came upon this nicely done up car, didn't recognize it at first but when i got closer i saw that it was an old Nissan Fairlady.
I checked the rear view mirror to see that no one was behind me, stopped in the middle of the road, took out my K750i and focused and took a pic.
Here it is
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Then i drove by it to take a better look and realise the driver was inside on the phone and he saw me taking a pic of his car! MALUNYA......
I gave a sheepish smile and waved, and he smiled n waved back. and continued talking on the phone. malu malu...shy shy...

Whoever you are, thats a nice car you have.

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