Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I did a good deed! yay!

Last Friday 6/10/2006, i saw a message on ZTH forum asking members to donate whatever computer parts we have available and not using anymore to an orphanage/home for under previledged children. So i messaged the poster and told him I had an old comp sitting around, and was willing to donate it. "Cool!" he replied.
I got to cleaing up the comp, formating the old hard disk...too many girly pics in there, can't have the kids going through my contents ler. Wana teach them nice thing end up teaching them unwanted things.
At night, we finally met up. Jermaine had a spiffy looking car, Kenari nicely modded. He was so grateful on getting the comp from me he was almost bursting. Jermaine would be helping out the orphanage for about a year, so he'll be sprucing up the place, teaching the kids about computers i guess.
Kudos to him and being so involved in what he is doing.
Coffee tables, carpets, comps, books, and whatever things usable to the kids growing up there are appreciated.
The orphanage/house for underprivilaged kids is in Klang, Jln Kapar area. I haven't been there before but Jermaine says its in a slum area.
I'm in KL, so if anyone would like to donate, give me a message ya?

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