Monday, May 15, 2006

Cheesy zinger n cheesy camera

Yummy, h0w many of you out there, Malaysia lah, has ever had a Cheesy Zinger?
Most of the time I go to KFC and order the Zinger and Cheesy Wedges set. A long time ago i ask the counter guy to squeeze cheese onto my Zinger burger, it tasted abso-fucking-lutely delicious. Maybe not to you but to me. The next day i went there again and asked for the same thing, but this time it was another counter guy, and he said he can't do that. So for 2 years i was buying the Zinger set and using the cheese from the Cheesy Wedges to smear my chicken patty, a bit tedious, not much taste, but when you taste the meat and the cheese, its worth that little hard work doing it.
Today, I went there for breakfast again, 4pm, (I'm a nightwalker explains everything?) and then i tried asking the counter girl if she could get someone to squeeze the cheese onto my burger. I had to wait for it, so when it came I was expecting to see a normal Zinger, plain n not cheesy larr
but then, surprise suprise, there was cheese in it! HOOORAAYYYY!!! that makes my day! not like there was much daytime to go anyway, but it made me happy. Good food always makes me a little less bitchier.
So here's a lil pic of me burger, realised I had to take a pic and show off after i took my first bite...could be a bit gross to some. buahaha i don't care!
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And next is the Cheesy Camera my brother got his hands on.
Its not cheap, it looks nice, the screen is nice, sounds good, its small and it ends just about there.
It comes with an SD card slot, stuffed with some plastic that isn't an SD card slot.
Its relative size to my hand.
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another view
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top view
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AV in n out holes
Image Hosted by

fake SD card and its slot, and the USB cable plug hole
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It takes shitty pictures, can't take pics in a room, need really bright light to take a pic or a video. Makes funny noises when you choose options, you get to play TETRIS! and some other game but the controls shitty shitty shitty.
So what is it good for?? You could get a big SD card, save some videos and MP3's in, and you've got your own mobile entertainment. It's good for mobile entertainment, I'm not clear of the battery life. You get to watch a video when you're bored or like almost everyone nowdays, listen to MP3, but its bulky and about 5inch by 3 inch. So there's that.
My most suggested video to watch on that thing?
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Guaranteed laughter until you've watched it for the 5000th time!

Friday, May 12, 2006

LongDay MonDay

Monday Monday, anyone ever had Monday blues? Guess everyone has had it sometime or the other. 4 days ago, I was due to start my final year project in Chemistry. Sounds exciting, but but but it wasn't as I expected, ended up taking so much of my time i was pratically falling asleep in the lab, it happens.
So my project is to sit in front and plot graphs of chemicals, that's a really really short story. i just realised today after calculating how many samples I have to make that it would mean sleeping in the lab, if that's ever possible. about 300 samples, 1 sample a day, means 300 days! I give my life and my blood to my uni, from now on I shall not have any social life what so ever. It sucks big time, preparing the chemicals is easy, so to speak, the lab doesn't have air conditioning (I'm pampered! give me my air-cond lab!). Preparing samples in the afternoon is a bitch, and wearing a thick lab coat doesn't help either. good thing is, I scan the samples in an air-conditioned room, but i have to sit there almost the whole day.
This is my toy,
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and the little glass bottle is where my chemicals will go, and then all those electrode will send some current through and i get to see from the monitor what goes on. The little round thing at the bottom of the pic is a piece of titanium, chemicals will settle on titanium in the glass bottle.
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I was in there the whole day waiting for time to pass, so I could take my gf out for nice lunch n shopping. Her B'day mah!!! but i was stuck in there for so long it took almost all our time away. I really really felt so guilty, I still feel bad that it had to happen that day. but in the end we went for dinner at a nice place near my house. I did not have any idea on where to eat, becoz I felt like I've eaten almost everything. She suggested Boat House, good idea, nice quiet place, weekday less people. We went there, had a nice dinner n drew one the tables. YES! you get to draw on the table. They put a large piece of paper on the table and a glass of crayons for you to draw and scribble while you wait for your food.
This is all I had to offer... Sor Por I really really love uuuu...hehe
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After dinner we were there still chatting when i turned and saw someone in a panda suit standing near the entrance, that table was also singing a birthday song before that. same day as my gf i guess. Nice way of sharing a birthday with pals, get someone to dress up in a panda suit and wish you Happy B'day.

Ok off time now, better melt my brain before thinking of doing my project again... T_T

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Naturally natural nature, Taman Melawati

One day, I had a 3hour break from 10am -1pm, knowing myself, breakfast is a must in this situation. Sadly, no one wanted to have breakfast with me. Guess I look scary eh? I went off to Taman Melawati to have my meal and was done by about 11am. With nothing else to do, I decided to wander off to the hills of Melawati. Off to look for the Klang Gates Dam. Just a day before I found direction to the place, but I've been there before. And all I found was a little recreation park at the bottom of Syabas water works. I asked the guard at Syabas how to I get to view the lake or what route should I take to see the place. He told me there was a path bout 30 meters from the guard house and it takes about 5 minutes to reach the top. 5 minutes isn't a long time for me so off I went. At freaking 11.30am in the morning, that was close to noon already. Sun is up, burning my back as I make way to the top of the hill, following the clear path up and up, I arrived at one of the lower peaks. I could see the Klang Gates Dam, really a nice view, but it wasn't good enough for me so i climbed further up. The path was really steep, at some point almost a vertical drop of 15 meters. dropping down rocks and cliffs with out anyone around wasn't anyones idea of a good time, but heck, i wanted to see more. I reached as far as there was a good view of Klang Gates Dam and took some pictures. There's was quite a breeze up there and unless somebody was looking at the hill with binoculars or something, they would have seen a shirtless guy waving his arms madly. Nice and windy, though the sun was scorching, I didn't feel the burn.
This place is erm...near Kuala Lumpur, dont't know North or South or East or West.
Following are a series of pics i took of the place, enjoy.
different angles of the lake
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The cliff that most people would see from KL
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View of KL city, note the height of picture and KL tower
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bottom of the hill is a recreation park, some pics I took while down there
big tree, respect nature
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a pool at the bottom,
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a nice little wooden bridge
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view of the cliff from the bottom of the recreation park
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the pics were taken using SonyEricsson k750i, don't expect much of it.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Inconsiderate people

This was taken outside my house on Sunday
Some stupid Kancil driver park on the main road, which is a two lane road, effectively making it one way and slowing down traffic. I noticed the car had so many stickers on it, protesting ISA, saying sports is good, pesticide kills and much more. So socially aware of things, so many stickers, but still so inconsiderate and stupid.
The reason they park outside my house? To go jogging at a park opposite my house.
Hello motherfucker? Jogging won't run away from you, spend just a little bit more time to find a proper parking spot and not inconvenient people can arrr??
Sadly, this happen every Saturday and Sunday, worse still if there's an event at the park.
Here's the pic of the car, try and see what sticker you can spot.
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Last time a Merc parked outside, i scratched it...and shouted at some young driver for parking outside also, and the driver had the nerve to tell me not to shout, damn it, gonna have to traumatise them more. Let them live in fear, angry Elmo ain't nice to see