Sunday, April 30, 2006

Ecstacy Elmo's series of unfortunate events, with the Gen.2

On 22 April, thats a Saturday, at 2am in the morning, i was at my gf's place. Suddenly her dad called me down saying some one hit my car. The news was hard to swallow since just about every fucking month something happens to go wrong with my car.
We rushed out to see the street empty, not really empty, a car was stopped outside a house about 300 meters away. My girls dad told me to go up the street since he thought that could be the guy that hit my car. Got into the car, floored it and stopped right infront of this Mercedes E280 2268, got out of my car and saw that his front bumper was slightly dented. The driver gets out, and we saw he had this stoned look on his face, the fool was drinking, initial reaction was to punch his motherfucking lights out. But then if i did that, i would be sitting in front of this com writing this.
Old fucker had no respect for younger people, telling us not to raise out voice, saying its a small thing, babbling rubbish and all. We asked him why he hit my car, and he replied the road was narrow,fuck u old man, the road is wide ennough for a dumptruck to go through with out scratching any car. Then he said he was avoiding a car, bullshit i said, no car in sight except his. THEN he said he saw a shadow, so he tried to avoid it...i think if we went on he would have said he saw our Prime Minister crossing the street.
Stupid drunk old fuck doesn't a single idea what he was saying. I got his business card , and told him i will talk to him in the morning when we've all calmed down.
In the morning i went over to talk to him just as he was going out with his family, told him i want him to bear the full cost of repairing it, to this, he verbally agreed. Fine, i thought, stupid me, new to this experience. Not that i trusted his word in the first place, he's got that kind of look, the look you can't trust. What i thought was, "i know where you stay, you can't run, you drie a merc, why can't you pay?"
I went to get a quotation and called him to inform him about it, THEN he said it was too expensive. He started to delay, saying he had no time to meet me, i thought he was trying to buy time til 24hrs passed and I could't lodge my police report.
Off i went to the police station, lodged my report, as an insurance jsut incase he doesn't to pay for my repairs.
Thats when more shit started to happen, his mechanic called and say we can settle this and bla bla bla, said the old man has no insurance for the car, this shit n that shit. The next day, he brought his mechanic to see my car the next day. The mechanic claimed to be authorized by Proton, so it wouldn't be any problem for him to fix my car. I verbally agreed, but went home and called Proton is there any such Company listed with them to repair cars, the answer? Negative, lied to by antoher asshole. Called the mechanic n said I'm not sending my car over to him, had an argument and slammed down the phone, damn, felt like i was acting like a girl, no offence ya?
Then he sent his niece to call me, try to nego with me, til now, i don't get any calles from the niece, both she and that old asshole aren't answering my calls.
Nex course of action? go to JPJ to get his car checked out on thier old mouldy database, see what his insurance company his car is listed under. then lodge a third party claim on him.
Why didn't i do that earlier? becoz he said he would pay for the repairs, but its already one week and no news from him.
I'm going to the police station again to get them to call that guy, lodge a claim at his insurance and see how it goes. If he's not going to pay for my repairs, and bacause he didn't lodge a police report, I can't claim third party. I'm gonna make him pay for all that trouble he's giving me. If i have to fork out my own money, he's gonna have a lot of trouble, I'll try to get himinto jail or jst more trouble for drunk driving. Hopefully he won't get to see his young duaghters grow up.
Fucking pissed mood the whole damn week, and until its not solved, I'll feel like killing anyone
Following are the pictures of my car, not big damage, but taking a long time to resolve.

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Monday, April 24, 2006

We love sports!

Was going thru and notice this "champion" pikture
really hav to show it here.
Tony Parker of San Antonio Spurs shows the skill he has at ball handling, can control 3 at once? huahaha
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Spurs won the game, probly cos Artest didn't feel too well after that incident, malu to shoot or jump la, lest he land and feel someone grabbing him! kakaka

not funny then you tickle yourself la