Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What is a watch?

Recently my brilliantly bright mind figured out some similiarities of a Watch, and a Woman.
It is not necessarily correct or accurate, and will probably get some flak.
Its a very simple note I jotted down and can be considered incomplete.
Here's what I think
A watch (mechanical one, mind you)is like a woman,
Can look simple on the outside but complicated on the inside (minute repeaters-naggy, perpetual calanders-remembers dates, tourbillons-pretty but a high maintanance etc :p)
Both require gentle handling and lots of care, otherwise any kind of hurt feelings will be carried like a scar.
Treat her nice and she'll be by your side forever (this is subjective, if there isn't an auction, divorce etc)
She'll (if you want to call you watch a "she") be keeping you company, recording every moment in time and every occasion you spend together.

There should be more to add but I've been too busy to think, being a watchmaker that can't arrange time properly, this isn't really a suprise. Isn't it?