Wednesday, March 15, 2006


My feelings go out to my friend, the flying (dirty) doctor CH. he severly injured his knee the past Sunday (12/3/2006) and my team mate T-rex Mah who broke a bone in his hand while breaking his fall.
This happened in our self-organized basketball league for non-professional basketballers, THE WANNA-B LEAGUE, heh nice name eh? well its beats playing fun games every Sunday, at least there's something for us to fight for, but not to the extent of getting seriously injured. occasional accidents do happen though,sad.
so in the flying doctors own words, his description of his knee injury...
"...I ruptured my anterior cruciate ligament, the posterior part of my lateral meniscus is probably hanging on somewhere, my medial collaterals r slightly damaged and there may be some cartilage having a swim in my currently swelled up knee... surgery is the onli option to avoid LONG TERM (20 yrs down the road) consequences. Rehab would take at least 1 month to start limping again."
wafark...just to start mention of walking
it sucks man going down like that.
everyone out there really into sports, well, take care and becareful, getting injured removes you from the game you love. (not bedroom olympics la!)

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trancebum said...

dei!!! u're playing in the wannabe league!?!?! whoaaaa. small world man. i played last year in the inaugural wannabe league. still have the t-shirt with me.