Thursday, September 28, 2006

Engineered fart

For this week and the following weeks, the floor of the lab building will be drilled with a jackhammer, pounded with a sledgehammer, removed and then repaved.
When the work is carried out, i can feel the wall shake, and the earth move beneath my feet
(que music?!)
When I got to the labs yesterday, i noticed the doors of the bio lab across from my chem lab were open, all the doors were open. As i got closer, i noticed this funny smell, someting like fart or shit,
or rubbish.
Found out some genius in Biotech placed two bottles beside each other, one containing Butanol (an alcohol) and the other have Hydrogen Peroxide(H2O2), a really strong oxidizing agent, used
in bleaches. Somehow, the vapour of these two chemicals were released, and they met, chatted, held hands, kissed, did the hokey pokey and turned themselves around and !!~@#$%^&*. They dissapeared and left no mark, but they left this smell that was abit like fart, but stronger. For the whole night this smell was trapped in the bio lab, waiting for the lab assistant to discover it the next morning.
Really wonder what was the lab assitants' reaction when opening the door. WoooHooo....
Anyone wanna try mixing alcohol with bleach? just get some thinner, or turpentine or something and mix it with hair bleach, or floor cleaner or anything with hydrogen peroxide in it.
I will not be responsible for the results, but do tell me if you try.