Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nothing better to do

Tmn Aman Bball Team in Carlsberg cup 2008 ended with less than a fizzle. 2 weeks ago we lost to a team named "Waterboy" 46-61. I scored a fluke ass 3-pointed that didn't mean a thing. We had lousy movement, no aggresiveness. Once again out-rebounded by a shorter team cos our tall players don't know how to box out or see the floor well. We don't have training, so with a losing record, we did think it was expected. Maybe that's why we don't play that hard. Next match against Kepong Bball team was to be on 27th Dec, after X'mas.

23rd Dec, had buffet dinner with my watch-school mates and Sir at Jogoya Starhill. Honestly, it wasn't worth the money we paid. We did had a fun night tho. The blardy line to Haagen Daaz ice-cream was long. Some peaple scoop ice-cream for their whole table, hence holding up the line. Was a bit of a waste of time lining up, felt that New Zealands ice cream was tastier. Haagen Daaz is just overpriced and promoted better, thats why they have a better market. We went back to hostel all bloated,full and sleepy. Been a long day. Bathe, talk cock with Alvin then sleep.

24th Dec - Half day at N.G. Hayek Watchmaking School, suppose to be 8.30am-12pm. Clean up day. Took apart my lathe to clean the rust out with rust-removing liquid. The liquid smells like the loo, probably has some ammonia in it. After that was done we vacuumed, mopped,wipe everything that potentially had dust on. That done, hands hurt and sweating we waited for Sir to say "go home". Had a pep-talk, QnA session and then its off for a 10day holiday. 25th Dec 2008 til 4th Jan 2009. Had a feeling of sadness leaving the workshop for 10 days, and its just 10 days. Maybe I realised I have nothing to do at all, but it is fun in the workshop. The day before i just made my Winding Stem, altho not a good one in my eyes, I'm happy i made one.
After that it was back to the hostel for a shower and suppose to go watch movie, but Sorpor was lazy, so just end up playing with Mika Chuah Mikmik the Toy Puddle.
Christmas Dinner was at Aunty Alice's place, she makes good lamb stew. Had a nice dinner there, some wine that made me dizzy real fast. Then it was time to dish out the gifts. Seeing i was wearing red, (the same shirt i wore for a 2 Christmases), I became the choice for Santa Claus. Minus the white beard,round tummy, kit, hot young elf lady, I still enjoyed being Santa. Was thinking bout getting real Santa Claus outfit for the next Xmas, but think the heat,stuffiness and humidity in KL will kill me.

25th - had lunch with SorPors family n aunty, quite filling. then it was buffet dinner while i was still not feeling hungry. Ended up with indigestion, lost 2kgs in weight due to lack of appetite. Still feeling the effects of it and appetite hastn't really returned yet.

26th, Went shopping in KLCC and Capsquare. Capsquare has cool auto doors that open outwards instead of sliding. Still wasn't feeling well, went back at 8pm and slept from 8.30pm to the next day.

27th- suppose to play the last match of Carlsberg cup, but wasn't feeling good, so told captain i'm out. Found out the team lost 56-99 to Kepong Bball team. Everyone expected a loss, so... i guess there wasn't much fighting spirit as usual. It takes more than one player to make a diffrence, if the team doesn't function properly, your hopes are all gone.
While the team was playing, i was watching Ip Man, it is a kickass show, R-E-S-T-E-C-P to the man, Ip Man, but duno was Miura actually beaten like shit like that. Hopefully more la. Kudos to Donnie Yen for a good performance. I'd watch it again.

Finding something to do in my free time. But without money, can't even go out for coffee, anyone wants to treat me?

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