Thursday, December 18, 2008

Carlsberg Cup Dec 2008-report

Last night i played in the Carlsberg cup basketball competition in USJ something, court 8 i think. My team was from Tmn Aman, i was an import to fill up the bench :) Bench warmer la, with all my gas coming out, sure the bench is warm.
We got the early for warm up shots. had a pep/team talk then the game started. Up against a team name "Friends", we had a height advantage over them. 6-4 Franklinstein and 6-3 Vinod. and a host of other players. For the first 5 minutes of the game we looked like a very organized team. Positions were being played well on offence but still lacking on defence. We had the opening basket with a lay in by Vinod, his hoisting the ball high and letting defenders smell his armpits, or bump into his big belly. What happened after that was anyones guess. "Friends" got the lead with a 3-point shot, and stretched that lead to 6 points up to the half time.
After the half time break, we manage to keep within 10 points of the opponents, but at the 4th quarter, it all went downhill, two 3 point attempts (i think) by the opponents stretched their lead over us to 10. And they maintained it til the end.
Physically we were the bigger team, but with lack of game knowledge and proper movement we were screwed over by a smaller sized team. They should be laughing at us by now. Guess we have to buck up and prepare ourselves better for the next game on Saturday 8pm.
I intended to scare them with my superior quickness (yeah right) and jumping ability, but i was running too much that my team-mates couldn't find me to pass. And i made bad plays. Out of 40 mins, i play about 5mins. So much for that. Will try to play better on Sat. sorry no pics. bleh

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