Friday, December 19, 2008


I got an SMS recently from my uni lecturer, saying that my paper has been accepted and will be published soon. Thinking he sent the wrong person a message i called him to find out. Turns out my Final Year Project report was submitted to some Chemistry research body and it was accepted. Wonder what kinda ammendments were done to it. As far as I know I wrote a really crappy report.
So now I get mentioned in a journal, does that qualify me for a chance at pursuing a Masters in Chemistry? Wonder if my ex-uni has part-time Masters program for busy people like me.
oh yeah btw i almost forgot what my FYP title was, something along the lines like umm...Electro-analysis of Zinc Sulphide Thin Films in Varying pH ranges...or something, could actually be a longer title if I remember correctly...nuts...
again...yippie yay yay! It feels good altho not as good as finding out I got accepted into watch-making months ago...that was more exciting.

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Adeline said...

sounds like ur turning into a STAR soon.... xP