Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Muse Concert KL

I went to the Muse concert on Sunday 25th Feb 2007. Drove to the Stadium Merdeka, parked my car, walked out with my gf and saw the banners adverstising the concert saying "FOR NON-MUSLIMS AGE 18 AND ABOVE ONLY". Yeah right, as if the people of this country are so abiding. True to what i said, er, can't actually say it straightforward, so its like this, about 90% of the people present for the concert had denounced their religion...
The concert was sponsored by Tiger beer, hence the non-muslims and over 18 suggestion thingy, but how are they going to control the crowd? And if they really did enforce it, there wouldn't be many people going for the concert.
We lined up from 6pm til 730pm before being let into the stadium. Sat inside there trying to entertain ourselves for the next hour or so.
The crowd sitting in front of the stage must have been blind or somewhat, everytime a GWAILO walks onto the stage the would scream and hoot...guess they can't actually remember what the band members look like. Those people walking around were just technicians and stage hands damn it. But it was entertaining watching the crowd. People watching at concert, not too bad. You get to see all sorts of attention seekers walking around in midriff bearing tees, weird hair, Westernized attitudes, speaking of which, this malay girl sitting behind me was somehow so irritated at the clueless screaming crowd infront of the stage she complained loudly to her friend beside her with some accent froman unknown western country : "WHATS THEIR MOTHERFUCKING PROBLEM!". ok, raise eyebrow, whats new eh? next she speaks to her friend in the most erm kampung-ish that was about the only thing she could say in english...I just hate people with lost accents
The concert started at about 9pm. There were no warm up bands like the previous INXS concert, thank goodness for that. Muse came up the stage and started their thing immediately to the delight of the crowd. Everyone was soaking it in. A large portion of the crowd knew the lyrics to the songs and were singing along to it like a giant karaoke party. Not even the national anthem was sung with such spirit.
All in all, the concert was entertaining, little problems with the sound system, the music was louder than the voice, so I couldn't hear much. Wasn't such a big fan of Muse anyhow, my gf got me free tickets. So everything they sang was pretty much alien to me. HaHa. Too tirred to continue now...will sleep first and if I want, will continue what I'ved left out of this post.

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