Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy Chinse New Year! Year of the PIG!!

Gong Xi Fa Chai rakan sekalian yang sanggup membazirkan masa membaca blog aku...ok that enuf b.m for me, all i can manage is bahasa pasar...
Spent the CNY eve having steamboat dinner with my family at home, while my gf had hers at her place. As usual I sat my ass in front of the com and played DOTA til quite late, about 4am, then went to sleep. Was awoken by my younger bro shouting "NBA ALLSTARS!"  a few times around 9am...there goes my sleep. Since it was ALLSTAR weekend, and a holiday, i drag myself out to the living room and watched NBA. Nothing spectacular tho, skills challenge, 3 point shootout, running race of an old referee against fat Charles Barkley (Barkley so out of shape, tho he won, he was breathless and it was funny watching him wave the interviewer away cos he had no breath to speak...even tho it was a few minutes after he had won...)
Slamdunk competition...bla bla bla, nothing interesting, seems like all the nice stuff has been done by other people already.
After the show was over...back to sleep. From 1pm til 4pm. Was a busybody here n there til dinner time.
Called my gf to see what she was doing, she asked me to go over, i said no, she got unhappy, put down the phone. I didn't give a shit...then after dinner i got a call to go over the a friends house for some gambling. Called my gf to tell her i'm going out, was recieved with mucho hostility...ended up having a SMS fight that lasted until the next day.
Seems like the chemistry we had between us is fading, if not faded already. I study chemistry, but my chemistry is not working....failure...
will call her again, and see how it goes, either we continue now, or its over

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