Friday, January 26, 2007

Hole in foot

For the psat few weeks, there was a swelling on the sole of my left foot. I sorta assumed it was a corn growing, its was a little irritating and painful if pressure was applied to the spot. Just a moment ago I realised it wasn't bothering me anymore, so i decided to pick at it. The skin came off, so i continued picking at it and using a nail clipper to clip away the skin around it. There was a cavity when the skin was removed, so i looked in and sorta saw something shiny inside the crater. I immediately grabbed the sharpest narrowest thingy nearby, which was a screwdriver from a Jewellers set and poked at it. The flat shiny thing moved, it wasn't a layer of skin on the inside of the crater, i hobbled over to my room and got my tweezers from my Swiss Army Knife out, and picked at it again. Turns out to be some tiny piece of plastic lodged in my skin. Its about 2mm long, and pointy.
I must haved some how stepped onto it and it peirced thru my skin, at that time to deep and small to notice.
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Now that it's out, its great, cos i'll be taking part in the Fly.FM - MalayMail BBall challenge this Satruday, Jan 27. Wish my team luck.

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