Friday, February 29, 2008

Work or study?

Few weeks ago I was deciding on my future and thought that when I had enough cash, I could get some books bout watch-making and maybe somehow learn to repair watches or even make my own watch. Couple of weeks after that thought came into my mind I saw an ad for a scholarship in watch-making from Swatch, I thought that was a stroke of luck so Icrammed my head thinking of a nice attention grabbing cover letter to send to Swatch.
I sent the letter on a Wednesday evening, and got a call the next day, asking me to go for an interview with Swatch. I was so damn excited I was smiling non-stop, i think my face was twitching the next day. muscle spasms (don't smile too much, its bad for your face muscles)
Day of the interview arrived, I got there before time but there was no parking at the building, so i had to search for parking in other buildins adjacent to Swatch. Made the interview and was too excited to think clearly.I knew its just a first interview and had to proove i was worth it, I was even thinking to myself what I needed to say if the interviewers asked me why should I deserve it. When that question came, I was just stunned and went abit blank, and said a stupid thing. "Because I really want the scholarship" when all the time I was preparing myself to say "I will be hardworking, and if I get the chance to create my own watch I draw inspirations from everything I see and encounter" but I choked and didn't say it.
This is the first time the scholarship is being offered in Malaysia. There will be 8 students for this intake, they are only looking for 2 local students, 3 from China and 3 from USA. I don't know what my chances are, but I really hope that I get this scholarship. Just a few people have applied for it, thats what I was told.
The second interview will be in June, they will call me in March '08 if I make the cut, then there is also a test in the June interview. If I impress them enough, I'll be accepted for the intake which starts in September, which is a long wait and also a lot of anxiety to deal with.
In the mean while I need to get a job and I'm still applying. :)
Hope my luck is good this year...

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