Monday, January 14, 2008

2008, its a new year, a new leaf? Leaf Monkey perhaps...

I graduated in Dec 2007, finally after all those failures in Natural Products and Industrial Organic Chemistry i managed to pass my subject. Failed that subject 2 times, then the third time the syllabus was reduced by half and it became somewhat easier to memorise. Only the Industrial Organic part though, Natural Products part remained the same (which is enough of a killer, damn it!). The exam was still terrifying, considering the parts i could answer were mostly Industrial Organic which makes up 65% of the paper, the remaining 35% was Nat.Products and i still find it overwhelmingly difficult to answer it. (Improper preparation and laziness is the answer, which is also why i failed the other 2 times).
Waited a week for the results to come out, so i went online and saw that i passed. Didn't really have any particular feelings going through me then, probably more of relief that i didnt fail. No elation, happiness, excitement etc. Probably bcos i was having an argument with my GF then.
Then the next few weeks i would be in Sarawak for a family reunion and Christmas too.
This isn't really updated, but quite backdated. Lets see when i have the time to post those pic from Sarawak.

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