Sunday, October 04, 2009

Armin Strom - Handmade Skeleton watches

Like the title says, the topic is about Armin Stroms watches.

I was recently introduced to, might have been around for awhile but I'm new to them.

According to Armin Strom website, he began skeletonising pocket watches in 1983  (the year i was born, yiipeee!), going on to wrist watches.

Limiting each creation to 25 pieces, he maintains exclusivity. Armin also personally delivers the watches to his customers, bonding with them in the process. What a great way to meet more people, gain some ground and appreciation of his art.

Here is a video taken from, its very nice, with a cute soundtrack. Would appreciate it if anyone can name the song title and performer for me :)

Armin Strom Video

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